*** CAUTION: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Whilst this video depicts toys in action, it features a somewhat sinister sounding soundtrack and scenes of objectionable non-graphic violence. If you’re a child under 10 years old, you probably don’t want to be seeing this. (Right, you’ve been warned…) *** So, for my second LEGO project I probably bit off more than I could chew… This turned into an almost painful endeavour and the shrink fees to recover from the obsessive compulsive disorder I have probably developed whilst creating this will be ASTRONOMICAL. I hope that after viewing this, the local authorities do not come and take me away. That is all. Technical Stuff: — Photos taken with Apple iPhone 3GS Camera (thus the blurriness, sorry!) — Frames captured & movie compiled using Lego DC Superheroes Movie App — Stage scenes: 10 frames per second — Story scenes: 6 frames per second — Video edited with Windows Live Movie Maker Credits: — Main Soundtrack: Phobophile by Cryptopsy © 1996 Wrong Again/Displeased/Century Media. — Other sound samples: Taken off their None So Vile and None So Live albums, along with a short jam created on a WowWee® Paper Jamz Drum Set. This video is pretty evidently a LOVING tribute to a fantastic Canadian band; if you haven’t heard of them before, check them out if you dare! I clearly do not own the copyright of this track, and I sincerely hope the band, their management and label representatives don’t object to this project. — LEGO Piano: Design

[youtube Ebn1hQRR124]

Video Rating: 4 / 5