HOLY FAPPING BATMAN!? (9.15.10 — Day 503)

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[youtube p5pi2e7hRek]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 19

  1. WickedNinjette313:

    i want that batman toy!! ♥♥♥

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  3. daphneqcottles:

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  4. SuperSagaloo:

    Ahhh officially watched every ctfxc video

  5. jeanxhavoc:

    Marley’s OMG face at 09:13 xD

  6. jimmiepwasserv:

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  7. Lauren Sara:

    I like how majority of this video is about Charles’ ears

  8. Gabriel Rezende:

    Hey whats the name of that product?? Charles doesnt says it !! Where can i buy it ??

  9. BluFireA1:

    woould «Axe, messy hair paste» work?

  10. Coralee Annibal:

    That shoe in the water is kinda creepy. Cause you know there are alligators in that water sometimes..
    I know that’s probably not what happened, someone probably just threw someones shoe out there or whatever, but still.

  11. mrsmelvin48:

    sploosh….lmao XD ew

  12. roseySUNSHINE:

    Alli: He can fit like 3 fingers in there
    Batman: That’s what she said.
    Alli: Oh, Fapman!

  13. kirstyKLx:

    One of my favourite vlogs <3

  14. TheNnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkk:

    Charles Paul Trippy

  15. 7pd3:

    been lookong for this video for months lol

  16. BlackDemon971:

    Watch out it’s FAPMAN !!! D:

  17. LogoLaughs:

    RIP Trollololo Man

  18. Spenchjerta:

    I found it in one search.

  19. Mike Rowe:

    Alli is so damn cute in this vlog 🙂