The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

Philip Pullman answers a question on the shocking title of his new book. Filmed at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford on 28 March 2010. Enhanced edition iPhone/iPod Touch application available on the App Store Philip Pullman discusses the app: Audiobook available on [ Hardback and ebook editions released 31/03/10

[youtube HQ3VcbAfd4w]

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  1. Mightymazza2:

    I’m religious and I think the books great lol.

  2. djguestspeaker:

    Its a great book. Just read it. Fantastic stuff!

  3. Anima10pontonet:

    Thank you for this, more people should read your comment.

  4. Anima10pontonet:

    I like how this video and what he says are about freedom of speech, and not really about religion, yet people are still being idiots and bickering over religion here.

  5. excusia:

    God has the right to stop his heart like he did to Hitchens, and there is no applause in the firey furnace. Men love wickedness and are sick to the crown of their heads to the heels of the feet. Praise God for his mercy.

  6. joyunicycle:

    What Philip Pullman says in this clip is definitely something I can agree with. I’m a Christian, but I agree that we have rights to read what he writes or not and rights to write against the book or not. That is the gift of freedom that we’ve all been given. That’s all.

  7. iVaughtTV:

    A terrible philosopher, but he is absolutely right on this.

  8. tangypasta:

    The thing with religion is that it tends to makes people close-minded, denies them the authority to question and to seek their own answers. That’s my experience with it anyway.

  9. Paulo Ricardo Gonçalves Lima:

    Philip Pullman. O cara.

  10. Kurt Justice:

    Hey scotty!

  11. tabasco1998:

    Hey Scotty Jesus man

  12. Elliott Grimes:

    Hey Scotty.

    Jesus, man.

  13. laallaal75:

    A medal! A medal made of blowjobs for that one!

  14. limetang:

    I’m a theist, and I agree. He’s completely right. People may say things that I don’t like, but at the end of the day I genuinely believe that their right to say these things is absolutely paramount. Besides. We’re meant to be grown ups right, how about we start acting like it, and grow some tougher skin. Nothing happens when you get offended, you don’t spontaneously combust. You just hear something you may not want to/

  15. georgettegp:

    what an wise and intelligent and courageous respond. Thank you.

  16. cutcc:

    I’m gonna use this as a source for my research paper. Philip Pullman’s words are quoting gold. ^_^