Hackintosh From Start to Finish (Part 7): Some Concluding Tips

In this video series, I hope to explain everything that you need to know about building a hackintosh. Throughout this series, I take you from the beginning stages of planning and researching, all the way to having Mac OS X fully running on your PC! In part 7 of my series, I take you through some concluding remarks and some final tips. I will be expanding upon this series in the future with some other tips and tutorials as I see fit. If you have a suggestion, please leave me a comment or send me a message. I read them all! Check out my TekSocial article to accompany this video: bit.ly More questions? Check me out on Twitter: @cpukid Also be sure to check out the TonyMacx86 forums. This process wouldn’t be possible without TonyMac and his community! www.TonyMacx86.com

[youtube 3GQd41t2jgI]


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  1. MrTraktorninja:

    lol, why do you have a windows logo in your intro?

  2. karljay01:

    Awesome job. You’ve really put this into usable terms, and that takes skill.

    I didn’t see if you changed the AHCI to IDE for windows on the dual boot. Someone hinted that windows 7 has a workaround to see AHCI, but I haven’t seen it. Also, does the Parallel 7 windows see the AHCI drives or is it blind to the Mac drives?

    One other note, if you flash the Bios on that board, you’ll have to have a 2 G USB drive. Gigabyte doesn’t see anything over 2G.

    Did you ever update to Mountain Lion?

  3. enfinityie:

    Hey bob, is there a way i can run osx and windows in dual-boot on one hdd? If so how can i do it? :))

  4. Bob Roche:

    Thank you! I’m glad the videos helped.

  5. Tyler Hoang:

    Dude, your the best guy on YouTube. You persuaded me, guided me, and gave tons of helpful tips that helped me with my hackintosh. Every other video is confusing, but yours are straight-forward, descriptive, and extremely helpful. I never knew that I would now be able to use a Hackintosh with so much ease. CHEERS!

  6. Matt Halpain:

    to me you are an intelligent person 🙂

  7. yourmahjezty:

    hi… can hackintosh run on ASUS K55VD-SX035R (Core i7-3610QM) Laptop? thanks

  8. Ekmek90:

    thank you! your videos are very nice to watch. I watched every part of the hackintosh videos and listened to you without getting bored because I think all the info was neccessary and very helpful for newcomers, so they don’t have to do so much research.

  9. macreviews94:

    Trying to sell my XPS 420 to fund a hackintosh build. Can’t wait =D

  10. Benjamin Woodring:

    Thank you! This is the first Hackintosh tutorial I followed that actually worked for me! I suppose you and I having the same Motherboard helped. But thanks again!

  11. MrCrashReboot:

    nice job cpukid, thanks and may the geek be with you

  12. Bob Roche:

    I found the same thing. Your GraphicsEnabler has to be set to no in order for it to work. Right now, I don’t think there’s a workaround.

  13. Bob Roche:

    Have a look at my channel and you’ll find that video.

  14. mad3st:

    NEED PART 8 ! ! Restoring from backup

  15. brandonrobinson5150:

    Giving up on three screens with the 6850. You can get with GraphicsEnabler set to no but the dvd goes out. mane with two cards but the hell with it two is good for me.

  16. BlaGGah:

    Please help me with my freezing issue on my toshiba protege r705-p35.. I got Snow leopard 10.6.3 retail installed on there. But if i leave it for 5 mins at most with inactivity, the cursor is no longer there, freezes and i have to reboot. I already tried the power management and that didn’t help either.

  17. Anthon13579:

    Best videos that I have seen on youtube about hackintosh!!!

  18. Tim Yarbrough:

    this is the best video series I have ever watched thank you so much for outing all the prices together I love Mac and windows

  19. Tim young:

    thank you so much. today juzt purchased i7 2600k, asus amd 6850. had to use graphics enabler =no also thanks so much cpukid without u i would habe given up many time. how do you make your dock like thah? and what is that in the left monitor? as i am now new to the os x :).

  20. Bob Roche:

    I believe there’s a way. Have a look on the TonyMac forums. I know some people have gotten it to work with some cards, but I’m not sure how.

  21. Bob Roche:

    Thanks for the kind words and for watching!