HUGGING A KOALA! #31 — Things To Do Before You Die

ITunes: Twatting: Brian Reilly / BriBry

[youtube kB6VBZSJc74]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 19

  1. Lilbessie15:

    Soo fricken cute!!

  2. Olivia Rigney:

    I can’t believe you were in the Gold Coast. That’s where I live and where you were standing on the beach I was there. And I went and seen the Q1 too ? AHHH 🙁 come back

  3. Sinead Naughton:

    I hugged a koala before, they’re sooo cute ^_^

  4. kinkora00:

    AAAAH! the koala is SOOO CUTE!!

  5. laurynmcnally123:

    I wanna be a kawloa

  6. Thearegina1:

    you can get clamydia from koalas ahahahahah

  7. MrDavetheman:


  8. Owl Frostling:

    I wish I was that koala.

  9. SteptoeStreet:

    in his shot of the city you can see my school I’m going to throw up i can’t believe i missed this

  10. CelestialPanda14:

    Awwww that was so adorable

  11. MissFaryl:

    The one time in my life where i wanted to be a koala more badly than anything

  12. grrhottopic21:

    tottaly effected …;)

  13. hallieissetfree:

    That was the cutest and most awkward run ever:)

  14. Tasha2day:

    o my good! the koala hugging was so cute!

  15. CharlottesInspired:

    My computer froze at 1:41 ! made me laugh more than the joke did XD

  16. sfmbattal:


  17. wateralchemist94:

    BriBry how did you manage NOT to smuggle that koala to Ireland with you? 🙂

  18. HelloThereIamIsis:

    That has to be the cutest video I have ever seen xD

  19. cartergirl3of3:

    don’t get chlamydia from that Koala