Please tell your friends about this video to help us earn an iPad2. If we get 60000 unique views by March 8th, we’ll get an iPad 2. My children made this video because they are trying to earn the iPad2 for their 5 year old brother who is in hospice with endstage mitochondrial disease. The iPad 2 would allow my 5 year old to interact with his Sunday School class, friends, etc. via Facetime even though he can’t get out of bed. This isn’t a scam — you can read about Noah at

[youtube a7nzWMELdsw]

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комментария 23

  1. biscuit1025:

    I’m sorry, I tried! =(

  2. weaverbrown3:

    Seriously cute!!!! You all did a great job!

  3. biscuit1025:

    I’m doing what I can to get this video to everyone on YouTube!!!!!!

  4. Bendog97:

    Great video and good luck! Please check out mine:

  5. Sophie Rose Graves:

    Praying for you all!

  6. TheSmilebugg:

    Very creative. Best of luck to you!

  7. EnginSengin:

    Aww Good Luck :)

  8. kjskomal:

    Very cute!! Good luck!!

  9. sgtdemanda:

    I have asked as many people as I can at my work to come and view your video, kids. I am thinking we can make great things happen for Noah!!! 

  10. sgtdemanda:

    I’ll do what I can to get your numbers up kiddos! GOOD JOB!

  11. Hope Bruns:

    too cute! great job guys 🙂

  12. lisa morgan:

    Great job you guys. You all did a great job.  I hope you win!!!!!

  13. fredbirdsgirl:

    I’m praying that you will win! And also praying for Noah! God Bless!!

  14. missmousemiddleton:

    I really hope you get 60,000 views!!!

  15. Cre8tiveLearning:

    Loved it- they did a fabulous job. Praying for you to win it and sharing with all my friends!

  16. wyntersmommie:

    I hope this helps Noah …

  17. TheLoneWolf52:

    Hope this helps Noah! I’ll pass on the word!

  18. Matushka Anna:

    I figured you all were trying to figure out a way to work Mary Faith in! I was view #24 and it’s great to see over 2,000 today. I’ll encourage people to keep spreading the word!

  19. SoozAgain:

    It’s a family affair, too cute! Hoping you win!

  20. ihelpkids1:

    love it!

  21. BenkeBunch:

    Too cute!!!!

  22. Cassey Smith:

    I believe God will give you MORE than 60,000 uniques!!

  23. illxrayu: