Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing (New iPhone 5 Unboxing & Overview) [Launch Day iPhone 5 Unboxing]

Enjoy my iPhone 5 Unboxing! (Launch Day iPhone 5 Unboxing) Subscribe for my iPhone 5 GIVEAWAY — This is my early iPhone 5 Unboxing. This iPhone 5 Unboxing aims to show off the physical attributes of the new Apple iPhone 5. This unboxing also includes the new Apple EarPods & the new Apple Lighting cable. Please enjoy this Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing (Early Unboxing of the New iPhone 5). Apple EarPods Unboxing & Review —

[youtube H9Jr6viGaWw]

ipod 5

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  1. ProLegiitZombies:

    Iphone 5 giveaway on my channel ending soon

  2. Kurt Devilbiss:

    I’m a proud subscriber of your channel

  3. MrGome120:

    Can someone please give me a website that has custom iphone 5 cases that also ships all around the world? (israel)

  4. mohamed bridane:

    hey can you make a video on GTA San Andreas

  5. Chuck Norris:

    DAMN !

  6. DuDaX:

    I believe it’s called «Bezel» not «Bevel».

  7. Wil Ritchie:

    good video kermet the frog

  8. Jesse Anh Pham:

    I want the iphone 5 white! ^_^

  9. j rice:


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  10. Rohit Roshan:

    can u send me the box of iphone 5 i need it if yes my id is

  11. Daniel Perron Paripovic:

    My old nokia isl the best phone!!

  12. kira29manier:

    New Facebook Iphone 5 Giveaway >>

  13. Poorguy Knows best:

    Video’s are to short

  14. Poorguy Knows best:


  15. ggakoya:

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  16. MrWhiterwriter:

    Both are great phones. I have a galaxy note 2 and an iphone 5. Iphone 5 is the perfect gym phone lol. No need to insult iphone users. I just picked up an iphone 5 for my mom. It is her first smart phone and I feel that android would be too complicated for her. There is no such thing as the best phone, only which phone is best suited for each person’s needs and wants.

  17. efthlouk:

    Already unboxed but otherwise good work as always!

  18. Van Clark:

    wow that looks amazing

  19. TheMoesTube:

    can anyone please view my channel.
    I unboxed and reviewed many products such as the iphone 5 and the samsung galaxy S3.

  20. Peter Sandhu:

    thanks for that

  21. vidiot95:

    dont get sucks…check out L920 instead