ULTIMATE POOCHY! (5.23.11 — Day 753)

Be awesome! Grab a new shirt!! bit.ly they make you coolio! Time for a mini road trip! I love trying to get myself lost in order to see if I can find a «new» way somewhere! Also, we show you how ba zoey is at ultmate frisbee! Not following us on twitter? SHAME! click below… Charles’ twitter: twitter.com Alli’s twitter: twitter.com Don’t forget to LIKE us on www.facebook.com Our Dailybooth pages: dailybooth.com dailybooth.com Our iPhone/iPod/iPad app is FREE here: bit.ly music: outro by: youtube.com time lapse music by: Skrillex — bit.ly — check out his album!!

[youtube xfESH7qU7TI]

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комментариев 25

  1. NYGiantsFan1097:

    I keep skipping the slow motion parts because I hate dub step, techno, that kind of music

  2. SweetCoolCandyGirl:

    Lol in the slow motion marmar watched Zoe

  3. beachgirl0992:

    2011 was a good year all around (:

  4. beachgirl0992:

    2011 was a good year i feel (:

  5. Hayastantzi92:

    Charles is so like a Dog only he’s Human

  6. DJZombieChipmunk:

    SKRILLEX? and i thought you guys were cool .

  7. Monkey0020:

    scary monsters and nice sprites

  8. mik faraci:

    whats the first skrillex song played?

  9. maryweasley87:

    Alli watching Glee, awesome! haha

  10. THVampire2012:

    OMG so did I. Haha

  11. MattBInYYC:

    Gary Go + IKEA lol

  12. SimplyMayteTV:

    I want to be a psychiatrist! =)

  13. ProudIndianOverHere:

    i wanted the drop to hit right when oey catched the frisbee!

  14. Na'inoa Abad:

    Ikea is truly big! And i tried their swedish meatballs..they suck. But it was really cool seeing all that stuff. Since on Oahu we don’t have a Ikea.

  15. Na'inoa Abad:

    Sometimes i get tired of watching a youtuber because their scenery never changes, like where they do the vlogs. But Alli and Charles Trippy go ALL over the place. I’ll be even happier if they do a concert on Oahu.

  16. Cmpunkxuscom:

    Skrillex is horrible 😀

  17. spiritshy:

    tehe…i liked this 🙂

  18. qwertyuiop0264639:


  19. Colton Stuehrk:


  20. foreverloved7:


  21. Liam R:


  22. B-ri Cole:

    7:49 to 7:56 made me lol

  23. ayakym:

    i love some CtfxC on a chill evening!

  24. ericlouberthorror:

    ‘scary monsters and nice sprites’ by Skrillex

  25. buddynibblesben13:

    internet history