ULTIMATE POOCHY! (5.23.11 — Day 753)25 комментариев


Be awesome! Grab a new shirt!! bit.ly they make you coolio! Time for a mini road trip! I love trying to get myself lost in order to see if I can find a «new» way somewhere! Also, we show you how ba zoey is at ultmate frisbee! Not following us on twitter? SHAME! click below… Charles’ twitter: twitter.com Alli’s twitter: twitter.com Don’t forget to LIKE us on www.facebook.com Our Dailybooth pages: dailybooth.com dailybooth.com Our iPhone/iPod/iPad app is FREE here: bit.ly music: outro by: youtube.com time lapse music by: Skrillex — bit.ly — check out his album!!

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25 комментариев

  1. NYGiantsFan1097

    I keep skipping the slow motion parts because I hate dub step, techno, that kind of music

  2. SweetCoolCandyGirl

    Lol in the slow motion marmar watched Zoe

  3. beachgirl0992

    2011 was a good year all around (:

  4. beachgirl0992

    2011 was a good year i feel (:

  5. Hayastantzi92

    Charles is so like a Dog only he’s Human

  6. DJZombieChipmunk

    SKRILLEX? and i thought you guys were cool .

  7. Monkey0020

    scary monsters and nice sprites

  8. mik faraci

    whats the first skrillex song played?

  9. maryweasley87

    Alli watching Glee, awesome! haha

  10. THVampire2012

    OMG so did I. Haha

  11. MattBInYYC

    Gary Go + IKEA lol

  12. SimplyMayteTV

    I want to be a psychiatrist! =)

  13. ProudIndianOverHere

    i wanted the drop to hit right when oey catched the frisbee!

  14. Na'inoa Abad

    Ikea is truly big! And i tried their swedish meatballs..they suck. But it was really cool seeing all that stuff. Since on Oahu we don’t have a Ikea.

  15. Na'inoa Abad

    Sometimes i get tired of watching a youtuber because their scenery never changes, like where they do the vlogs. But Alli and Charles Trippy go ALL over the place. I’ll be even happier if they do a concert on Oahu.

  16. Cmpunkxuscom

    Skrillex is horrible 😀

  17. spiritshy

    tehe…i liked this 🙂

  18. qwertyuiop0264639


  19. Colton Stuehrk


  20. foreverloved7


  21. Liam R


  22. B-ri Cole

    7:49 to 7:56 made me lol

  23. ayakym

    i love some CtfxC on a chill evening!

  24. ericlouberthorror

    ‘scary monsters and nice sprites’ by Skrillex

  25. buddynibblesben13

    internet history

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