F#%K YOU, ITS MY BIRTHDAY! LOL (9.2.10 — Day 490)

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[youtube AV6EDNez3XE]

ipod 10

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комментариев 13

  1. robinxrawr5:

    Its kinda funny i was just watching a random vlog from 2011 and hes wearing the same hat lol

  2. emily409673:

    thanks charles you got that song stuck in my head nice thing is that because my birthday was this past friday i had a itunes giftcard so of course i had to buy it

  3. psyclechic:

    Never seen strawberry peanut butter M&Ms before.

    Because of your birthday videos, the Vandals song, «Happy Birthday to Me» is now my tradition too! Thanks!

  4. Mitchell Smith:

    Happy birthday Charles for 2013 :$

  5. A2daM2daZ:

    lol, «here’s your fucking birthday pizza»

    smooth move charles

  6. Wiki2703:

    The Vandals — Happy Birthday To Me

  7. David Burke:

    What song is it

  8. mastermind425:

    thank you charles for my new birthday tradition, I’ve sung that sing 3 years running now

  9. HPSauceist:

    Happy birthday 2 years ago

  10. Brittny Scott:

    so charles has fallen 3 time in a row on the sameday… pattern? lol

  11. hahagirl14:

    Lol he fell too on his birthday vlog yesterday XD

  12. McKraws7:

    I’m here from 2 years ago! Happy 27th bday Charles!!!

  13. SeventhSalutexMTG:

    CTFxC Enterprise! 😀