BenQ Joybee GP2 iPhone / iPod Projector

Get your BenQ Joybee GP2 here — Visit my website This is an unboxing and first-look at the newly released BenQ Joybee GP2. This is an ultraportable 720p projector with a multitude of inputs. It weighs in at a measly one-pound and features a built in iPhone iPod dock (which charges the device while outputting video content). The Joybee GP2 has many interfaces available including HDMI, composite, mini USB, SD reader — It’s even got 2GB of internal storage (for video files or work documents). The device has a list price of 9 and should be available at retailers very soon. More BenQ Joybee GP2 information here — MY OLD SCHOOL IPAD 2 UNBOXING —

[youtube x2Hl15H4hRo]

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комментария 22

  1. 1000mrskull:

    it will be very cool if I could hook it up an a  black box

  2. TheWaleedrox:

    does it projects on a glass!

  3. ruby2411:

    Best device I ever bought… so handy and is great for parties ..I plug onto ipad, ipod , laptop and also mini portable dvd player.. I bought extra small speakers called Jabra Solemate …so powerful and work great together as a home theatre .

  4. Therebel3000:

    Also where can you buy the battery for this? They don’t even sell one on amazon…

  5. Therebel3000:

    Does it read NEF RAW from the sd card? I wanna use this to show off my photography (nikon d3200 24mp pics) when I’m out and about

  6. Michael Hart:

    Can I hook it up to my Mac Mini?

  7. Lego Fan:


  8. Lego Fan:


  9. Lego Fan:


  10. TheFreshTechYT:

    do you think they will update it for the lightning connector?

  11. Skip Mi:

    Get a adapter

  12. melvin jay de leon:

    how was it ryt now i really like to have one of those

  13. Eggsr2bcrushed:

    Too bad I have a lightning connector in my iPod.

  14. Patrick Tan:

    At 3:48 it says »Sample not for sale» on the bottom.WTF BenQ….

  15. bdosborn:

    Too bad it doesn’t support the iPhone 4S or higher….

  16. geo hennycraft:

    How much is it????

  17. Helol5:

    What a shitty name

  18. Lewiswawmw2master00:

    he records the video, then deletes the sound with whatever editing software he uses, then he records the commentary and adds it with the same software

  19. Ramadhan E Hardi:

    how much is it?

  20. jolyon burford:

    I had pk 301 which i used rarely- after slightly more than one year it developed hundreds of white spots 🙁 I then bought one of these (GP2) the picture is far, far clearer and it is noticeably brighter. GP2 all the way…

  21. Octo Natreechon:

    perfect for porn….lol

  22. instillation9:

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