Soul Toons Ep. 7

Retweet: and Add to favorites. help me get top favorited 😉 The reason Soul-Toons are so far and wide…is because the 10 tunes in each video consists of 50 audio clips and 50 video clips which take a very long time to record, film then edit. All this while still uploading quality content twice a week on my main channel and vlogs on my second channel once a week. oh yeh and still maintaining a life…lol So enjoy these soul toons they are by far the most challenging videos to prepare for your viewing pleasure. My iPhone, iPod, iPad App: Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type «DeStorm» My Facebook: My website: My Twitter PO Box coming soon! Get a Tee! Soul-Toons Ep. 7 Soul-Toons Ep. 7 Soul-Toons Ep. 7 Soul-Toons Ep. 7 toon sole episode six beatbox destorm soul toonz loony toons cartoons theme songs funny comedy sing a ccapella acca original track song video destormtv daystom

[youtube BDKsISYsZh4]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 19

  1. MacJohn94:

    so much energy!!

  2. Djnick123:

    Camp lazlo

  3. Ve Gee:

    I HATED Freakazoid growing up! :@
    LOL…….aaaaah, the memories!

  4. 23272phonzi:

    bill nye was the boss

  5. MrBuckshot198722:


  6. melbart8608:

    He`s like the kevin hart of rap

  7. Smithhazwu:


  8. UnwantedStudios3:

    you kinda dropped the he-man line but super rops for having the sword so it evens out

  9. ZachsVlog:

    It’s «I have the power!» Not «I am the power!»

  10. KenyanChocolate1:

    Bill Nye was the shit!

  11. papercrane192:


  12. LegendarySilverWolf:


  13. Michael Lewis:

    The thundercats one is the best!!!!

  14. Michael Lewis:

    It’s I have the power not I am the power. A+ anyway.

  15. Dorrance Bane:

    Who else notices that there are green holes in his shirt that are edited out to go with the background?

  16. phatso112184:

    das a dope shirt he got on

  17. mrgoodnyhte:

    You know he’s still alive, right?

  18. Johngazm:

    RIP Bill Nye

  19. sonictj3:

    well he can do the First pokerap