BLIND DATE! #17 — Things To Do Before You Die25 комментариев


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25 комментариев

  1. GabbieZombii

    If I ever get a date like this, I swear, I will marry them. It would be the most awesome amazing hilarious thing ever and I would be able to tell right away that we would get along right fine and dandy :3

  2. jellybeaniful01

    Jeez, I would absoulutly LOVE that date. I mean, come on. Lunch in Ikea, a playground? Some kind of weird bird mueseam? Getting kicked out of it? Thats just awesome !

  3. BOOMAG33

    Lol bribry is like 6’5 and im 4’9
    I’d love to stand next to him and see the difference in height 😛

  4. Nicole Bulatao

    bribry actually sings baby better than justin bieber

  5. jjduz85


  6. megan Thompson

    If you were Amy why would you not speak to him after,I’m only 14 and u want to actually marry Brian;)

  7. shob0t

    <3 Oh Bri haha

  8. Deweydexter

    1. Because people are gonna need 2 hear your wonderful voice.

  9. FlameandBubblegum

    @2:28 looks Sooooo much fun! Why don’t Thayer have that in America??

  10. 84c0nAndCh0c014t3

    I’d like to kiss you now… *le falls on camera*

  11. beckathepandaXD

    Only Bribry is capable of something like this!! Love you!!

  12. andreapenney1996

    who else thought they’d crash into each other at 2:29

  13. maltesers123fu

    your not alone… hehe 😛

  14. Piper Adams

    I have bought 5 of your songs they are amazing.

  15. Alexandra Wise

    he better not have fasted for 24 hours he’s alredy so skinny!

  16. Apocalyptic Merc

    I’m from Mullingar!

  17. yferchgymraeg

    0:47 casually leaning in towards the laptop screen ;) <3

  18. coolnipperkid

    Stay silent

  19. welovedanphil1D

    hehe bribry called me a handsome genius

  20. lavo360

    Giz a ride 😛

  21. Iheartdfizzy

    If I had a blind date and they showed up in a skirt at first I would be like «wait what the heck??» then I would be like «ok cool»

  22. Emily Kelly

    is it just me or at 57 seconds something white goes down his hair??

  23. ssgaprincess

    6 mouse streeet? no house? house? no mouse haha

  24. bubbleblaster98

    2 stay silint 4 24 hrs

  25. Rachel Meyler

    bribry, as much as i love you.. youve got an Alphalfa in this video 😛 by Yahoo! Answers.