iPad Mini vs Nexus 7!

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7. Dual-Core A5 vs Quad-Core Tegra 3. iOS6 vs Android 4.2. Let the faceoff begin! Google Nexus 7 Review: youtu.be Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song Outro Track: «Channel 41» by Deadmau5 ~ twitter.com gplus.to facebook.com facebook.com

[youtube bJOGQ_SJ8Dc]

ipad mini

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  1. 4oreverOnFire:

    or buy a Galaxy tab 10.1 only $20 bucks more than ipad mini now thats a steal.

  2. poke19962008:

    currently playing Dead Trigger on my iPad mini for free!!!

  3. God1yy:

    Are you an idiot? 1280×800 Is a little bit better then 720p, which is 1280×720.

  4. robertdevald:

    Man I love your reviews so much, you speak English so clearly and the quality is outstanding!

  5. robertdevald:

    Dude 1280×800 is 720p since it is ABOVE 1280×720, that means that you can play true 720p on it. 🙂
    But I agree on the rest! 😀

  6. bunniesluvhunny:

    thank you do much for this comparison! you guys really make buying stuff easier, apple and google should pay you 🙂

  7. SwiftHDX:

    I have tried both devices side by side and know what I’m talking about.

  8. kavilhas1:

    on a 164 ppi screen, text rendering can be excellent, but text will always look better on 216 ppi, especially because text rendering isn’t (yet) something that Apple has a fucking patent on, like the page turn animation -__-

  9. SecondVelocity:

    800×1280 is 720p but you have the buttons on the bottom which does suck. Awesome that it goes away in youtube videos though. I rooted my Nexus 4 (basically same resolution) and I enabled expanded desktop or whatever it’s called to get 720p

  10. Caleb Ratzlaff:

    I’d love to hear about how wordprocessing performs on tablets that you review, with and without a bluetooth keyboard.

  11. mlsterlous:

    Nexus 7 is the best choice if price matters to you. Its overall great great device. If u re rich buy ipad mini, dont forget, mini costs even more for 32gb version(430$ vs nexus7 250$). The biggest reason to buy mini is for its Apps which are always optimized, but i cant say Android apps are bad. All famous ones are great. Almost all games work good or just fine. Once again, to me its about price. I dont feel like losing anything for half the price! I even get more(benefits vs IOS)

  12. iPosts815:

    Thanks for being unbiased 🙂

  13. OfficexNinja:

    Nexus 7! I have 16GB and I have loved every second with it.

  14. Tyrone Standen:

    Well it is 720p but a bit higher. Dont know the exact pixel. but anyway the screen on the nexus is alot better than an iPad Mini, And yes I have tested both as I have a nexus and my sister has an iPadM.

  15. magicks25:

    I have them both. No reason to hate on one of them.

  16. mrcab17:

    Go nexus 7!!!

  17. A Alku:


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  18. SwiftHDX:

    I have tried them both side by side many times. Text on the nexus is sharper, but text on the iPad is smoother. I don’t know about you, but for me, smoother text is easier to read than sharper text. Sure, you notice the pixels from time to time, but it doesn’t bother you enough to call the screen ‘bad’. It wasn’t long ago when 163PPI was considered brilliant quality.

    Your channel tells me that you’re a pervert who’s no older than 12. That website wasn’t even taken seriously. Keep bitching.

  19. MiniDemonic:

    Except that what you are saying is not a fact. It’s a big fat lie.

    I have tested both devices, and everyone who has tested them agrees with me.

    Your website shows that you are a kid that can’t afford a domain and have to use webs.com.. It also shows that you are an apple fagboy.

  20. SwiftHDX:

    I am not being an Apple ‘fagboy’, I am simply making a point. I understand that you don’t like facts, but you don’t have to bitch about it.