100 Harry Potter Things To Do When You’re Not At Hogwarts

For all my loves who won’t be at LeakyCon…DO THESE INSTEAD! You will be there in spirit!! 🙂 TWITTER: twitter.com INSTAGRAM: tessanetting TUMBLR: tessanetting.tumblr.com FB www.facebook.com 100 Harry Potter Things To Do When You’re Not At Hogwarts List 1. Harry Potter movie marathon 2. Re-read all the books 3. Order a butterbeer frappachino at Starbucks 4. And when they ask for your name say it’s Lord Voldemort 5. If you have an iPhone, tell Siri to call you Dumbledore 6. Write fanfiction 7. Read fanfiction 8. Devour fanficiton 9. Cosplay 10. Sharpie a dark mark on your arm 11. And a scar on your head 12. Then randomly have a spaz attack and clutch your forehead 13. Go on Mugglenet 14. Go on LeakyCaldron 15. Go on MyHogwarts 16. Go on Pottermore 17. Get sorted on Pottermore 18. And cry if you get sorted into Hufflepuff…JK 19. Show your house pride 20. Watch all my YouTube videos 21. And all of Jon Cozart’s 22. Make a Slytherin sock puppet 23. Speak parseltongue 24. Say alohomora when you open your car door 25. Ride an imaginary hippogriff 26. Spend the whole day talking in a British accent…unless you’re British 27. Troll tumblr for Harry Potter memes and gifs 28. Have a Potter themed party with your friends 29. Stand in your non-lit fireplace and scream DIAGON ALLEY 30. Play Harry Potter Scene It 31. Play Harry Potter legos 32. Play that really scary Harry Potter computer game 33. Watch ALL the Starkid musicals 34. Then have a Starkid sing-a-long 35. Say accio

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  1. AbsolutelyTiana:

    «Name a bug Rita Skeeter and SQUASH IT!» XD I’m dying!!!

  2. jbluv222:


  3. thisisnotondrea:

    this was awesome 🙂 would love you to check out my new channel! and let me know what you think 🙂

  4. rschneider7201:

    I’m so sad that I couldn’t go to LeakyCon! And I won’t be able to in the foreseeable future!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU INSULTED HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!! BAD TESSA!!!!!! But I still love you 🙂
    Promoting Starkid for Joe Moses AND quoting him? My little fangirl heart can’t take much more!

    P.S. I ship it

  5. rschneider7201:

    MAD EYE MOODY!!!!!! although really it was Barty Crouch Jr….

  6. Sarah Sanderson:

    My patrounus is a honey badger

  7. Shasha C:

    Your voice is the sound of my summer holidays

  8. ElphabaxNessa:

    I’m in Slytherin… But I’m nice… I don’t want to be slapped…

  9. TheBroadwayBombshell:

    Joe Walker is my Patronus!!!!!!!

  10. Ellen Worrall:

    finally met someone a more harry potter fangirl than my sister:P

  11. ubaid rahman:

    «…but only to save Buckbeak. Not your dead parents or anything!»

  12. Shannon Russo:

    I got into Hufflepuff and then made a new account and got into Syltherin. Much happier now…. 🙂

  13. PhoebeGryffindor:

    yes you are the only one… I am british… and although the accent was a good attempt it wasn’t brilliant

  14. Avionne Laufeyson:

    My patronus is a Dementor.

  15. Maddie Styles:


  16. linneholm:

    I already have frizzy hair. It’s awful.

  17. lvrboi86:

    What’s constant vigilance from? It eludes me

  18. Taylor Burke:

    hey hey hey im in hufflepuff and we are awsome don’t judge or mess with the badger !!lol (i know she was joking)