Apple iOS 5: Complete iOS 5 Overview Part 2

Apple iOS 5: Complete iOS 5 Overview Missed Features: Delete songs in the music app iPad multi-touch gestures

[youtube cHVHEtD4zHo]

ipad 5

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  1. Evian Belser:

    wish they had facebook integration

  2. Evian Belser:

    wish they had facebook integration

  3. diahannqrodi620I:

    Get iphone4, Apply now! 6EhV

  4. marsenmars:

    i should be doin’ my homework but insted i’m watching this…

  5. TheUniWoozle:

    If apple incorperated all the features of a jailbroken device (excluding the free apps) into an official software update, I would no longer jailbreak my apple device and probably not bother with getting the free apps? That would be a decent sollution to a huge problem with dowloading apps illigally. Thumbs up if you wouldn’t get free apps if this happened.

  6. Hunter Davis:

    AssistiveTouch is really amazing.

  7. tylerjl101:

    they should put themes in the app store to save room if they wer ever to do so.

  8. youtubingwithyou:

    RE: LED Notifications — It would be awesome if iOS 5.1 would come out with the LED notification light on the «front-facing» camera. Why in the hell would they design the notification light on the back in the first place? I realize the back camera contains the flash; however, I have been waiting for Apple notification lights forever! Then, we could have apps like BerryBuzz, on Blackberry, where we could change the notification colors. It just seems so common sense!

  9. jonathanbrwn53:

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  10. Neil Tanna:

    3 people have blackberry

  11. americanGTA:

    how bout find my firends?

  12. MrBon3sz:

    the emoji keyboard is in ios 4 buddy

  13. rozosmith:


  14. LEGO1607:


  15. JoshWadeMovies:

    Are you using a 4 or 4S?

  16. flipboywidskillz:


    «so if you’re like my mom and you have a dumb phone…»

    hahaha. NICE! BURN!

  17. Anthony Weng:

    i think most of us jailbreak for free apps and tweaks. who wanna pay for an app. PFFTTT

  18. limacharlie6:

    is it an iPod touch?