The Legend of Zelda #6

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iphone 6

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  1. thetopofficness:

    He should at least play OoT shouldny he?

  2. Sk8alegend14:


  3. JasonGarrick:

    «I love chocolate. But I don’t love chocolate that kills.» — Craig Benzine

  4. absi lamb:

    i hate the lost woods in the ocarina of time
    its really confusing

  5. ephemeralcat:

    Heh I know, I was just wondering what the technicality was that allowed them to post such content.

  6. XxSasukesfangirlxX:

    This might have been brought up, but i think Craig should play through all the Zelda games. (excluding remakes of course.)

  7. ejlegro:

    oot ftw

  8. ferrellaz:

    death by chocolate lol

  9. alexjnewbury:

    sleezy waiter! 

  10. rethinkOURreality:

    I gotta ask you something Wheeze, were you trying to get the sword? Because I can’t tell if you were trying to get the sword.

  11. Ajnewb11:

    at 2:16, when wheezy gets down to half a heart and the health bar starts beeping, the background music changes! it gets simpler rhythmically to accomodate for the beeping of the health bar! NES could only utilize so much memory, so the change in background music was one way to facilitate that! very cool.

  12. Samisnotbritish:

    in the middle of class the other day, i started singing «killing you» to this tune and when people asked me why i didnt really have a response. :/

  13. MCPetey5:

    Hey Wheezy since your doing the old-but-great games so far, I wanna see you play Red Dead Redemption!

  14. Kevin1is7Lucky:

    I also second that you play a pokemon rom :)

  15. Kevin1is7Lucky:

    Thanks wheezy. I’m not fortunate enough to have played this as a kid and I’m really enjoying this blast from the past 🙂

  16. topher208:

    Wheezy watch out for falling popcorn!

  17. guitarfreak159:

    7,777th view :D

  18. Tader Chip:

    is that a new sward

  19. JazzMan5000:

    Play Blue Dragon, or Grandia or FF7 would be awesome!!!