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15 комментариев

  1. amberearnhart


  2. dimebag794

    Plus I’m kinda new 2 watching. I’m only 9 but is there a limited age 4 this?

  3. dimebag794

    Ur the best! Keep going

  4. SingYourFaceOff

    Is this before your amputation?

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  6. my9inchtool

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  7. coolkid2018

    This is really cool. I like how he draws everything…cool;)

  8. AcousticPlusOne

    Your innocence about the jetpacks is adorable! 🙂 xxx

  9. Adamrc98

    @JoshSundquist NORTHER VIRGINIA??? HOMESCHOOLING??? Fort Belvoir is Awesome…

  10. Emily Janine

    UR HOMESCHOOLED?! Me too. =)

  11. moviemusicretards

    I like how you draw like a six year old.

  12. thehorsefreak2010

    is that gemsmaquillage at 4:01

  13. Kuroii39728

    I have the same calculator!!! 😀

  14. ssgirl3001

    I love your graphing calculator!

  15. TarenTV

    This is getting freaky 0.0 I’m homeschooled…. And I live in Virginia like u 0.0 AWESOME

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