Getting to Know Sandy: Youtube Part 2

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[youtube tugvnPcTiRo]


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комментариев 13

  1. HillbillyJedi88:

    Nice comment at the end. Liked it a lot and have subsequently subscribed.

  2. gabriel h:

    I played a game and not till now I realized I played sandy ravage and this was when the game came out

  3. Giholes:

    Do you ever die more than 3 times? 🙂

  4. andytom2495:

    So does Sandy have a normal job too?

  5. CapnE625:

    You think your Youtube username is stupid, Sandy… I got the Capn portion of my username from a Captain Crunch cereal commercial… A CEREAL COMMERCIAL!! XD

  6. TheVengeSim:

    «…they play to keep their stats up, and I think that’s the dumbest thing ever.» That’s why I fucking love you Sandy. You’re the realest dude on Youtube and you are just good at the game, without being a nerd about «stats». Not to mention you and I share the penchant for Metallica and were big Duke players back in the 90’s. Anyways; Sandy, if you ever stopped posting videos altogether, I would stop giving a damn about this worthess, decline in quality thing called «Youtube».

  7. motorbass69:

    Dude… You are a pretty kewl individual. MPH would be awesome!

  8. dannyesc16:


  9. dannyesc16:

    Invite me n ill shut those FAGGOTS UP

  10. zrsmith57:

    i love u sandy <3

  11. jKRONKitup:

    Metallica napster joke made me lol

  12. Whamdame:

    I would like to see the stats turned off. People won’t be as bothered if there having a bad game or not & rage quitting.

  13. TheAmbidextrousTroll:

    Well duh, that one is a no brainer. Ever seen his spastex videos? 😛