Sync: BTS Corridor Digital «Techies: Sound, Camera, iPad»

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[youtube v6iKCylSmFo]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментарий 21

  1. Niall Horn:

    BAY is very good at that. He just use’s a more intresting way of character development

  2. mtootm:

    master time code? sounds like something out of Doctor Who. but still, i’ve always wondered what those black and white things were for.

  3. spider1g5:

    5:49 What program? And will it work with anything else (android?)

  4. SDCGI:

    I am really happy for Corridor Digital! They get to make something really cool and suspenseful while having a story line that is good and characters that you get to know very well! Not a lot of people can do that. Good job Sam and Niko!!!

  5. mujaab maz:

    games dean at. 5:35

  6. RubiixCat:

    I wonder why they put it on this channel.


    press ctrl, alt, cmd and 8 at the same time and see what happens only works on macs

  8. Lane Carter:

    The conversation from 6:25 through 6:44 is basically shows the personality difference between Sam and Niko.

  9. kkehoe5:

    Was that Games Dean at 3:20 ?

  10. MrBeetzz:

    They look stoned.. *looks at upload date*


  11. bunniescreed619:

    New drinking game. Take a shot whenever they say «Sync»…

  12. Blitz DifferentPerspective:

    What was the app you used on the iPad? And does it work for iPhone?

  13. JaimeDazaLucena:

    The have to make a film!!!!!! like if you want it

  14. Tony Kebell:

    They’re not only youtube hobby-jobbys, they do other filmographic stuff.

  15. Logan Wogoman:

    it’s called the «Terradek Cube» 

  16. Captain1Take:

    There is such a big loss of video and sound quality if you upload a video to youtube, why do they use so expensive equipment?

  17. ascortjkk:

    invest in carl zeiss lenses 😀

  18. TheMcDonski:

    Can you guys (Sam & Niko) do a video on the Teradek thing? Seems really interesting.

  19. kvikram19:

    Sam and Niko seem more tense in these Sync BTS videos than they do when they do a BTS for their own small videos. Guess it’s a bit of pressure to work with so many people.

  20. AOstudiosFILM:

    teradek (what i found that sounds like what they use is the CUBE-225 HD)

  21. LightMeh:

    0:48 Something that Michael Bay doesn’t seem to understand…