Hello people this is my entry for the ipad mini contest junowallet is hosting and it was made by none other than the infamous Siri and myself. I have worked very hard on this video and I hope it shows. I have been trying at these Junowallet contests a very long time and I honestly hope I win this one. I was in the ipod contest, the black ops 2 contest, and now this one and who knows maybe third times the charm;) I really want the ipad mini for school and it will help me because I can store all my files and books onto it. Please like my video thank you! 😀 Big credit and special thanks to Paul Mikulskis for the awesome music! If you would like to find out about Paul he is a junowallet ambassador such as myself and an awesome musician. Paul Mikulski’s soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com Important links: Junowallet website: www.junowallet.com Junowallet fan page www.facebook.com Junowallet youtube page: www.youtube.com Thankyou to everyone and please like my video it would mean a lot. I have tutorial videos on my channel if you want to watch and if your new to junowallet use my invite code «JK37582» for a starting bonus of 25 cents! More parts coming out soon 😉

[youtube j_p9xvoh1Sk]

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