Building a PowerMac G5 Hackintosh (Part 3)

This video has been heavily requested among my audience, so I had to deliver! In this video, I take all of the components from my old case and transfer them to a pre-modded PowerMac G5 case! The end result is beautiful! Here’s the link for the motherboard tray (Select dual 80mm fan option): Twitter: @cpukid

[youtube 1FEmHOTKRGE]


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  1. kduhtdkzrt:

    Wow. Just wow.
    I’ve been looking around for videos of PowerMac case mods because I have the same thing planned for my next machine. Most of the mods are plain crap. Yours is pretty damn neat. I think I’ll stick to it for the most part. Great job.

  2. HerpDerp063849:

    Haha, cool. Im from hk 2 😀

  3. ersterhernd:

    What Mr. Lam refers to as a ‘stylish waste of resources’ may actually be a challenging hobby for others. There’s a lot of talent and knowledge in modding the Apple hardware, often with rewarding results for the builder.

  4. MrDreamTeamGamer:

    You should have plugged in both 4 pins. It would provide more power to your CPU if you were to overclock even more.

  5. Ari Voluck:

    why dont you get the 3 pin power supply conector and get a extender and super glue it to the back of the case where you would plug it in

  6. VMATT500C:

    Good job.

  7. renyn21:

    dude its an actual mac,just a heck of a lot «upgraded»

  8. Ren Lam:

    not worth it
    he G5 case is very outdated and is very time/work consuming if you try to fit all the components, and even then the cable management will suffer,
    there are plenty of quality cases for decent price with great cable managemnt options, air flow, mounting sytems and all the nifty details
    this obsession with g5 cases (mac pro look) is a stylish waste of resources :/

  9. faum72:

    Great video!! really well done, I’m defiantly gonna be keeping my eyes out for an old G5 unit now!!!

  10. mortkaer:

    «some core i7motherboards»? dude, my old pc with an old core2duo also had a power connector on the top of the moterboard 😉 just saying 😉
    But it is a nice build you are doing 😀

  11. Manley Evangelista:

    What I mean by Male to female power cable…. Is get a Male to female power cable extension.

  12. Manley Evangelista:

    You should label your SATA cable, so just in case you have to replace the hard drive/ssd. Also instead of having a tail. You should invest in a male to female power cable, so it will be like you have the power supply on the back.

    Other than that, nice video!

  13. gmonka04:

    Good job man. But I wouldn’t go thru that stress for that case. R4 suite much better for a nicer built

  14. Jason H:

    Of course :S

  15. MrPieGuyy1234:

    I think it’s a special one that only apple uses.

  16. AnonGroup12:

    Great Job! I wish I had money! XD

  17. landapfel:

    How can one do that?!

  18. Jason H:

    What layout is that? BTX?