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[youtube mrfC0RlWIsM]

ipad 5

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комментариев 14

  1. jaredboom1:

    I won three

  2. YogscastConner:

    Charles we were in the micerwave because we were time traving

  3. Lisa Shykora:

    Actually she barks. At 3 and I don’t remember. Why

  4. GlobaISM:

    Surely JESUS CHRIST IS OUR GOD ! Through HIM all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made — GET SAVED NOW — JESUS CHRIST SAVES

  5. beachgirl0992:

    anyone else notice that little bug crawling on charles’ hand at 4:20?

  6. thebedazzlest:

    @breanafunk In the description they have links to the videos 🙂 (On my kindle)

  7. craigmacALLDAY:

    »I love you Randy Savage»

  8. beasley365:

    y dose zoe always bark when u say 4?

  9. breanafunk:

    I have an iPad so I can’t play 🙁

  10. PinkPiggy900:

    too much coffee makes charles go something something

    Thumbs Up if you know what its from 😛

  11. Sean Collins:

    its 3

  12. specter604:

    sexy times were had after this video.

  13. Hailey Clark:

    wow i just clicked a random number and i got it right, but it takes u 2 a dumb video

  14. Hope Foti:

    on the car scene did he just go in the car talk then get out