Leaked 7″ ‘iPad Mini’ Info, Amazon Smartphone, AT&T To Block Stolen Phones & More19 комментариев


Welcome to the ninety-fifth episode of BestTechInfo and Rumors! Topics: Next-gen «iPad Mini» rumors, Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 | 5.0 details, New 2012 MacBook Air and more. Topics discussed in this episode: 1. Apple Officially Closes MobileMe, Data Accessible For A ‘Limited Time’: www.besttechinfo.com 2. iCloud Beta Portal Adds Notes And Reminders, As Well As Improvements: www.besttechinfo.com 3. Mid 2012 MacBook Air 13″ Unboxing — June 11th Model: www.besttechinfo.com 4. Amazon To Create A Smartphone Competitor For Apple And Google: www.besttechinfo.com 5. AT&T Will Reportedly Offer A Service To Block Stolen Phones Next Week: www.besttechinfo.com 6. Jailbreak iOS 5 (5.1.1 | 5.1 | 5.0.1 | 5.0) for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Untethered/Tethered): www.besttechinfo.com 7. Reported 7-8 Inch iPad Mini Coming October Priced At 9: www.jailbreaknation.com Gain additional entries for the New 3rd-gen iPad Giveaway: a. www.youtube.com b. www.youtube.com Stay Updated: Facebook Page: facebook.com Official Twitter: twitter.com BestTechInfo’s Twitter: twitter.com Google+ Page: plus.google.com Personal Google+: plus.google.com Subscribe for new episodes of BestTechInfo and Rumors every Friday night!

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19 комментариев

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