Hackintosh From Start to Finish (Part 2): Picking Your Hardware

In this video series, I hope to explain everything that you need to know about building a hackintosh. Throughout this series, I take you from the beginning stages of planning and researching, all the way to having Mac OS X fully running on your PC! The second part of my series will focus on picking out the right hardware. I go over what processors, motherboard, and many more components that will make a great hackintosh! DSDT Database: www.tonymacx86.com More questions? Check me out on Twitter: @cpukid Be sure to read the blog post that accompanies this video! bit.ly Also be sure to check out the TonyMacx86 forums. This process wouldn’t be possible without TonyMac and his community! www.TonyMacx86.com

[youtube v14iMOie2D8]


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комментариев 12

  1. CoreyVsHaters:

    Hey bro How much money do i need for a ridiculous spec laptop for video editing?

  2. supermario2804:

    work the nvidia GTX 660 and the mainbaord MSI Z77A PCI-Express 3.0 well for a hackintosh ??
    please , i need help

  3. prethpal:

    hey bob i really need your help.. can i build a hackintosh with this hardware?
     here is what i am going to buy (planing to get)
    motherboard = asus P8Z77-v pro
    ram = 16gb DDR3
    intel core i5 3.4 ghz
    ati graphic card = SAPPHIRE HD 7870 GHZ EDITION 2GB GDDR5 i am using asus motherboard because for me it is the best…… so will i be able to build a hackintosh???? if this motherboard model cant be used to build a hachintosh….. which asus motherboard model do you suggest me to buy…. 🙂 thanks

  4. InternaPace:

    I like the way you explain things. You really know what you are doing but you explain things from a newbie’s perspective. You would be great with teaching technology in a professional/university level or hosting a tech show.

  5. MarymonckiJohn:

    That’s very, very useful and informative. I saved a lot of time thanks to your video. Thank You so much !

  6. Alex Reidy:

    I have a Core i3 Dell Vostro (laptop) with about 3GB RAM. Think it will work?

  7. Dubn00bify:

    is this ment for n00bs?

  8. Linuxgamer94:

    You hate freedom.

  9. Iuman32144:

    @John Yassa if it is the asus 1gb version one i know it will boot

  10. bkrdc04:

    No support for AMD’s Radeon HD 7850
    My journey ends here.

  11. Ottopasuuna:

    Did your computer’s $1500 price tag include a monitor, or was that just for the computer its self?

  12. John Yassa:

    hey bob i am a big fan watched most videos sub and liked everyone i have seen and i really need to ask you i have an old NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics and im planning to install in a couple of hours but will it be capible of mountain lion? also my gigabyte motherboard does not support video in or out so im running my monitor (same as yours) using HDMI or DVI (currently HDMI) so im using my NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics so will that boot? or what will happen? I have looked everywhere please help!!