ARRESTED AT SCHOOL! (9.3.10 — Day 491)

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[youtube B6SEJGSQDpQ]

ipod 10

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комментария 22

  1. jjoedc147:

    Today’s video was the same time as this one.

  2. emily409673:

    actually a child  born in 1996 would be 4 in 2000 and actually it’s been proven that you have memories as early as age 3 but the average age is 5. so it is possible to remember things and be a 90’s kid if you were born in 1996

  3. SamTV20:

    well, i am a girl…

  4. JDHoffa:

    Oh now I love you cause you gave me my laugh of the day that was funny how you pulled the wool over my eyes if your really a woman

  5. SamTV20:

    well, what would you say if I was a women…

  6. JDHoffa:

    I never said you wasn’t speaking the truth I was saying you can’t get laid talking to women like that

  7. SamTV20:

    well JDHoffa, I’m speaking the truth…you know that, I know that and everyone on this video knows that.

  8. JDHoffa:

    Wow dude you gave it to her good I don’t think talking like that will ever get you laid

  9. SamTV20:

    so…you were born in 1996 which means by 2000 you were 3 and you only start remembering thing when you are 5, so really in your memory you aren’t a 90’s kid.

  10. trebryant86:

    What type of dogs do u have

  11. Rhett DeVine:

    A «slammer» is a «slammer» because you SLAM it down on the stack of pogs, and you get to keep all the ones that are flipped face up!

  12. MusicVirus102:

    The guy who got arrested had a boner

  13. 101surfergal:

    Why’s pog

  14. 101surfergal:

    I love this vlog!!!!!!!!!!! So awesome

  15. Sara Kuzminski:

    cheese makes your dogs smelling worsen:(

  16. nicole4460:

    i was a 90’s kid 1996 ftw

  17. munkeezdud11:

    i wish i was a 90s kid… you guys had all the cool stuff.

  18. DysfunctionalCrayon:

    With a big truck like that you either take two spaces or you hang waaaay out of one space. I’d rather they take two, it’s less douchy. It’s not like it was a super crowded lot. 🙂

  19. johnpoopduck:

    Hahaha I love these types of videos! I have one featured on my channel! Its not mine but it was so good I had to feature it! Pitty I dont get any views and stuff on it though…

  20. LogoLaughs:

    My Birthday too!

  21. samjayphillips:

    Uploaded on my birthday

  22. cli2018:

    I like the 5-oclock but it looks a bit better if its thick