Live Jump and Meghan Tonjes Day25 комментариев


Platoon of Power Squadron Chicago screening! They’re showing Episodes 4, 5, and 6 despite what it says. Join Team Beard for the SuperNote by leaving a video response to this video Other Channels: MAIN GAMING iPHONE Instagram Google+ Facebook Twitter Wheezy App Website Store http Shoes

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25 комментариев

  1. PaperJoelio

    My demographic is not represented among the top demographics. A-waw-waw.

  2. OwenBruch22

    I know that I hate Meghan Tonjes with every fiber of my being. Because she punched me in the eye; slapped me in the face, and then said that she is adorable!

  3. bwright1991

    daily grace has a smaller channel therefor she deserves the supernotes.

  4. TheFantasticfox2010

    My face hurts from all the punching )=3

  5. TheBitingBride

    Sorry Craig, Megan Tonjes is one of the nicest people I met at LeakyCon

  6. GotBecket

    Why is she punching us. That is NOT adorable, no matter what she says.

  7. EmuPhantom

    It’s not pronounced llama army. It’s llam-army. xD

  8. craigmcbrine

    oh man I hate meghan tonjes so much I got two bloody noses from them punches gosh

  9. Janet LaCava

    Wait did meghan say she was a door bell? cuz id totally believe that ^_^ shes kinda DINGY (see what i did there)

  10. nikeeweston

    Ah man I love yous guys

  11. Nintenrock

    I wanna see if Chyna made a Supenote for Team Beard.

  12. SSJStrongBad

    Thanks for the black eye, Meghan.

  13. shadwan100


  14. pooponastick785

    i love meghan tonjes……..

  15. sortaAWSOMEish

    dear, Wheezy. i am expanding my lungs for my entry to maximize the time i provide for your team. i am also watching more of your videos while i hold my breath and do deep breathing 😉

  16. Juice Box

    I have to clean my room before I can record a video D: that’s so difficult when im so lazyyyy.

  17. Ryon HammondII

    She hit me in the face! I like her no more! The 1st one I dodged but the second I was too slow…

  18. shasbucks

    I’m too shy to put up a video of myself doing a note. I’m sorry I really am

  19. sephawareness

    Hole-y jokes just reminds me of Fred and George. 🙁

  20. grayfox622

    Dear Wheezy, pewdiepie does videos of him talking to people on omegle who put his channel name as a common interest. Please do this sometime and record it. Thanks brah

  21. Kyle Dean

    Larm-army. Not Larma-army 🙂

  22. Cassandra LHeureux

    i heard it was international or perhaps national (canada) cake decorating day.

  23. TheEllarooroo


  24. ItTakesII

    «it’s holey bread» i’m so glad i heard that. -julian

  25. heyustabbedme

    guys, just make a super note! it’s not hard,it takes what, a minute? by Yahoo! Answers.