LADYBUG SUPER HERO?? (5.27.10 — Day 392)

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[youtube KGe8UqyQWpQ]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 17

  1. Ethan Bell:

    I typed in a random day and this is what it came up to 🙂

  2. Holytolito0197:

    Very valuable

  3. Holytolito0197:

    I got one of those for Christmas the ball thingy

  4. TaylorMarie831:

    When I was in elementary school, sticky tack, cool pens and binder clips were like currency. We weren’t allowed to give anyone stuff off our lunch trays, or chocolate milk would have been worth like 6 pens and 3 binder clips. I came from a small school, not as small as Alli’s but still small.

  5. Andrea Robles:

    Hello! Have you seen regarding the Tube Cash Exposure? I came across it on Google Search and listened to remarkable stuff about it. Some of my partner also highly recommend me to look at it

  6. PoindexterwithaK:

    My schools have had chocolate milk everyday, you just pull it out of the fridge box thing. I miss the milk and juice bags though. Those things were awesome!

  7. hotdogg1998:


  8. hotdogg1998:

    It gets to 105 degrees in my town (in Australia)

  9. jolemathers:

    fun game for boring days: typing in random dates in the searchbar on this channel and reliving awesome memories 😀

  10. unicornbaconnipple:

    i think charles ment thumb tack

  11. Kikasorous -Rex:

    I want that England duck so bad!

  12. Kikasorous -Rex:

    3:33 Look like he drew a question mark on your hand there Ali! 😀

  13. AllyKory:

    blu tac..

  14. roseySUNSHINE:

    the dogs never get punishment lol. that’s why they keep doing the things they do (it’s entertaining though lol)

  15. Silvia K:

    I didn’t get chocolate milk until I was in the 2nd grade and that was because I switched schools. I went from a uptight public school to a laid back public school that had 4 kinds of milk. vitamin D, 2%, Chocolate, and skim milk. how it worked was each week your mama had to check which milk they wanted their kid to drink and as you got older you had to request your moo in the morning or else your screwed with what evers left over. haha

  16. sevendustl0ver:

    The TV show Weeds, not the drug lol

  17. Wolfiedotcom:

    I think thats just in england 🙂