1. Visit bit.ly from your iOS device. 2. Select one of the sponsor apps to install. 3. For it to work you will have to install a profile on your iOS device. Tap on Okay to install the required profile. 4. Install the profile. You should then be redirected back the Mobile Safari to continue the process of downloading and installing the free app. 5. After the app is installed, you are required to run the app for at least 30 seconds to recieve credits. Install more apps to get more credits, you can also refer your friends to get credits. 6. Once you have enough points for a paid app, you can select it from the Gift Apps section. Tap on the app you would like to redeem your points for, and confirm your selection. 7. The iTunes app should then launch on your device, presenting you with a promo code for the paid app. All you have to do to redeem the code is sign in to your iTunes account. The app will then download for you in the background.

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