Continuing on from her impromptu performances in and around London JARETH collaborates with Beatboxer champion Hobbit Beats by surprising the non — expecting public in a lift: WATCH ! The Official Video Pathway ft Lioness (WATCH!) Download Pathway Available on ITUNES NOW ! FOLLOW JARETH

[youtube vO3jPp6R5MQ]


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комментариев 6

  1. ELLENI6:

    This is Stunning !!!!!

  2. returnoftheredeye:

    I reckon this’d be the coolest lift journey of my life.

  3. Jareth Music:

    that has literally brought a smile 2 my face, i feel a piece relevant in life looool x Soulsmiles 😉

  4. melehen1565:

    I <3 your voice!!! I insist I have an ear for talent and you are soooo on your way!!! Good luck lady!!! Yes, I found you by looking for Adele (huge compliment), but I KNOW who Jareth is now! I dig it and I see you!

  5. Jareth Music:

    Brave ???? Mostly shook tbh how I appear so calm is actually a myth 2 me

  6. Flor Silvestre:

    my goodness, u are braaaaaave!