The Hackintosh Project: Building a Hackintosh Pro (Part 1)18 комментариев


This Hack Pro (2011) series includes building a Sandy Bridge i7 Quad-Core Hackintosh tower from start to finish. Please check out all parts, plus see the Hackintosh playlist for additional videos. Early segments discuss the project, demonstrates the system up and running, then goes in-depth on the hardware build, Mac OS X Lion install, setting up BIOS, over clocking, and then general tuning. The Hackintosh offers greater expandability, customization, and upgradability over an Apple computer. With a little work, this Hackintosh is not only stable and functional, but outperforms similarly configured Apple Macs. Total cost of the system was about 00, although prices change daily and could be build for a little more or a little less. Final overclocked Geekbench scores were over 16000. Hackintosh Playlist Follow me on Twitter for updates and questions — Part 1: The Hackintosh Project: Building a Hackintosh Part 2: It’s Alive! — OS X Lion Hack Pro (2011) is up and running Part 3: Hack Pro (2011) Hardware Build — i7 2600K/Sandy Bridge Part 4: Setup and Install OS X Lion on Hack Pro (2011) Part 5: Noctua NH-D14 CPU Chiller + Overclocking on Hack Pro (2011) Part 6: Hack Pro (2011) CPU, GPU, and SSD Benchmarks Part 7: Extra Functions: Bluetooth, Firewire, Ethernet Intel Core i7-2600K Processor — Corsair Carbide Series 400R Mid

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18 комментариев

  1. Ernest Lane

    Thank you. I love people putting ideas up for others to reach.  Bless you.

  2. malows1234

    hey asswipe how about adding support for the 7970. its a better card than anything in the world. fucking add that in please. don’t be mother fucker man.

  3. David Merino B.

    i meant to write «watch out», i just read that that mobo has that problem on many reviews

  4. Eric Dumas

    don’t understand your question. are u trying to build a hackintosh and your computer keeps restarting?

  5. Eric Dumas

    system update is the only update that remove either a sound kexts or internet kexts or both but thats easy to fix really not a big deal. hackintoshes performance is just like having a real mac trust me. check out my bulid.

  6. Eric Dumas

    The hackintosh i built is in a 2008 mac pro case and looks more like a mac pro.

  7. David Merino B.

    what out for that motherboard often comes with a loop problem

  8. MarkNF82

    Hi Mike, just wondering if you’re still using your hacintoshes? I used to build PCs back in the day too, but switched to the mac at the G4 series. Just wondering are you constantly having to tweak things after the fact, or careful in doing apple updates, or does everything work correctly? I don’t mind initial tweaking and a bit of maintenance but just wondering how much.

  9. gunsntech411

    I’m building a hackintosh soon which will be very fun

  10. Alex Stattham

    Can you please make a geekbench Test with your hackintosh?

  11. CODman123aaron

    i have a mac mini, just wish i could get a better graphics card without spending an ass load on external thunderbolt pcie slot

  12. jimilocker

    use an i5 and make sure motherboard has video out. it has integrated graphic support. If you will NEVER play games, go that route.

  13. SMDpeps

    native support in Mountain Lion hell yea =D

  14. markchovideo

    gtx670 GO GO GO

  15. Lau Hojen

    Hi Mike. Can you recommend another graphics card that’s cheaper. I’m gonna build my Hackintosh for audio/music production, so I don’t really need a super fast graphics card.

  16. Hussein Al-Zuhair

    Samsung Notebook 300e4
    Intel Core i5-2450 Processor — 2.50 GHz
    Ram 6 GB
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M and intel hd graphics 3000

    Can I run lion and mountain lion ?
    Can I run Final Cut ?
    Can I use hdmi ?
    Is NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M work on lion ?

  17. Richard Hamilton

    If you can purchase a Mac Pro case like I did. This system can be built with very little modifications. The biggest deal is to use a dremmel tool to make the area in the back of the case larger so you can get to all of your motherboard connections. I built mine and it’s so cool to have a stock MAC that has this horsepower……And of course you have to figure out the wiring for the front panel connector with the power switch and so on! But it all will work.

  18. joedemax

    Are you using Wirecast? by Yahoo! Answers.