Hackintosh For Noobs: Part 1 — The Basics and Parts [2012]

In this video series, I will be teaching viewers the fundamental roots of hackintoshing. All the way from the research to running the latest version of Mac OS X Lion on their system. Click To Tweet: clicktotweet.com Do research here: tonymacx86.com Follow Me On Twitter: twitter.com Hackint0sh vs Macintosh: Is it worth getting a Hackint0sh? : www.youtube.com How To Install Mac OS X on a PC in 5 Easy Steps (Hackintosh Tutorial: www.youtube.com Learn how To build a computer:www.youtube.com In case you don’t want to do your hardware research, I have selected some parts that will work. Cd drive: www.newegg.com Motherboards: GA-Z68A-D3H-B3: www.amazon.com GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3: www.amazon.com Processors Core i3 2105: www.amazon.com Core i5 2500k: www.amazon.com Core i7 2600k: www.amazon.com GPU’S: GeForce 210: www.amazon.com Radeon 6850: www.amazon.com Radeon 6870: www.amazon.com Ram: Corsair 4GB: www.amazon.com Corsais 8GB: www.amazon.com For The Bawses! Corsair 16GB: www.amazon.com Power Supply: Corsair 430W: www.amazon.com Corsair 650W: www.amazon.com Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB: www.amazon.com Seagate 1TB: www.amazon.com SSD’s: 60GB: www.amazon.com 120GB: www.amazon.com Case (Up To You, I Really Like This One) Corsair 500R: www.amazon.com

[youtube KiAw0esxc_o]

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комментарий 21

  1. jacksparrow20138:

    you will end up learning a lot, this is not cheaper then just buying a mac tho.
    Nice video.

  2. HerpDerp063849:

    Oh and also, the prices are not so bad when you consider the display from other sellers alone if over a grand

  3. HerpDerp063849:

    touch my mac, and il stop ur face of.
    great vid

  4. Continent SB:

    I still do research because i just need it for myself but still thanks for making this video

  5. iHackUrMac:

    Yes and Yes.

  6. RayBCG:

    Is it possible to use an SSD like the Samsung 840? And also can i put both Windows and Mac using multiple drives?

  7. kiki11111100:


  8. SteamyTiger95:

    Technically, you are, since you can’t tell the difference between «your» and «you’re»… no offense, or anything

  9. techtiptricks:

    I was lucky, I just did the install… and all works 100% my sister just dumped over 3500 on a new mac and I Simply installed it on my pc… she was P***ed

  10. TIM KIP:

    lol@ 0.50 that sound effect! best ever.. Great video tho, been helpful.

  11. Blisargon Demogorgon:

    Is it possible to install it on MSI P35 Motherboard?

  12. Johnny onthespot:

    custom build btw by ibuypower

  13. Johnny onthespot:

    is mine compatible? asus
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

  14. Spamazoid:

    check the tonymac website, but preferably older hardware since they have tested and done workarounds for the older stuff, New stuff will be hit and miss

  15. minecrafthaloguy12:

    hi again i am wondering about graphics cards i ave narrowed it down to gigabyte ATI 6850 and the gigabyte ATI 6870 is the 870 worth the exra 40$?

  16. xTheRealSurge:


  17. xTheRealSurge:

    do you hav to have a specific brand of motherboard, graphics card, RAM, etc. to make a custom pc suited for a mackintosh?

  18. iHackUrMac:

    yup, definitely.

  19. xSnipErxInTeRVeNTiOn:

    is it possible to build a hackintosh for $500 dollars with a low end graphics

  20. riversedgeranch:

    I just got my build completed with Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 MOBO. When I try to boot from my newly created Mountain Lion USB it goes to the Apple Icon for a few seconds but then the screen goes black and nothing happens. I was very careful to create my USB per the instructions at Tonymac. Maybe there is a setting that I need to change in my bios (?) I changed sata to ACHI but that was the only setting I could find to work with. There is no ‘Quick Boot’ that I can find in this bios. Any ideas???

  21. askskater:

    lets say I have two hard drives, and I want to install osx on one hard drive and windows 7 on the other, can I do that?