This Hack Pro (2011) series includes building a Sandy Bridge i7 Quad-Core Hackintosh tower from start to finish. Please check out all parts, plus see the Hackintosh playlist for additional videos. Early segments discuss the project, demonstrates the system up and running, then goes in-depth on the hardware build, Mac OS X Lion install, setting up BIOS, over clocking, and then general tuning. The Hackintosh offers greater expandability, customization, and upgradability over an Apple computer. With a little work, this Hackintosh is not only stable and functional, but outperforms similarly configured Apple Macs. Total cost of the system was about 00, although prices change daily and could be build for a little more or a little less. Final overclocked Geekbench scores were over 16000. Hackintosh Playlist Follow me on Twitter for updates and questions — Part 1: The Hackintosh Project: Building a Hackintosh Part 2: It’s Alive! — OS X Lion Hack Pro (2011) is up and running Part 3: Hack Pro (2011) Hardware Build — i7 2600K/Sandy Bridge Part 4: Setup and Install OS X Lion on Hack Pro (2011) Part 5: Noctua NH-D14 CPU Chiller + Overclocking on Hack Pro (2011) Part 6: Hack Pro (2011) CPU, GPU, and SSD Benchmarks Part 7: Extra Functions: Bluetooth, Firewire, Ethernet Intel Core i7-2600K Processor — Corsair Carbide Series 400R Mid

[youtube PZRjwVLxaXs]

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