Day 22 — How To Add Intro’s & Outro’s To Your Videos -FREE-Video Course By Brand Personalization FREE 30 Day Video Marketing Course! Daily Sept Video Posted! Follow Along In Real Time! In this Lesson How To Add Intro’s & Outro’s To Your Videos Dustin Salmons guides you through the Different kinds of videos that are common in video marketing, and helps you decide what might be the best types to implement into your video marketing strategy. Should you go all out with your production, or shoot a quick video on your iPhone? Since many people are camera shy, the next lesson will cover how you can create a quick video that is easy and professional, and don’t require a camera! In This FREE Course You Will Learn: ✔ How to setup YouTube the right way ✔ How to get Thousands of Followers ✔ How to get Thousands of Friends ✔ How to get Thousands of Views ✔ How to get the most out of Insights ✔ How to help your videos go Viral ✔ How to Engage your Viewers ✔ Common Questions Answered ✔ Common Myths Exposed ✔ Updated Everyday for 30 Days ✔ Monthly Followups with Stats ✔ Monthly Followups with Latest News ✔ Published by Brand Personalization ✔ Created/Taught By Dustin Salmons ✔ Follow along in Real Time ✔ Um, oh yea, and it’s FREE! Day 1 — How To Setup A YouTube Account Day 2 — How To Make Friends On YouTube Day 3 — How To SEO Your YouTube Videos Day 4 — How To Collaborate With Other Users Day 5 — How To SEO Your YouTube Channel Day 6 — How To Syndicate Your

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  3. MrYman Lelah:

    the name of the vid is how to add i really ned to know how to add it from atereffects into my micrisoft exprssion editer plz HELP..

  4. iTzPunyTV:

    you didnt even teach us a thing about how to add an intro to your video.. dumbass

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  6. ben Lappin:

    i need to know how to add them i have one but i dont nkow how to add

  7. Hollie Shitt:

    Y didn’t u teach us how to do intros and outros??!!

  8. XxGhostrider19x:

    dude the vid is called how to add intros/outros to your videos. why didn’t teach us that?

  9. o0ojafo0o:

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