Today I have finished a long, long, long project (and when I say long, I mean the time it took for me to make it). Sure, I took (2-3) month long breaks every now and then but when I was spending my time animating, I was always on a roll. Its just that sometimes I would lose patience and stop for a while… A year ago, I started this project. All last summer (more like the end actually) I worked on this, stopping in the fall for a bit, starting back up again, stopping in the winter, starting back up in spring, then a break, then finished it this month! More then a year ago I came up with an idea. I was walking to school, listening to my ipod when Send Me On My Way came on. I smiled, because a.) the song is so darn happy and b.) I remember the old days when I first started animating. For those of you who have been very early fans, youll know that Zombie Way was my first contribution to the Resident Evil musicals that Shadowleggy started. Dont get me wrong now, this video is not a remake. Its more of a collaboration of all my animations (including profile pictures…) touched up a bit. It was fun, annoying, aggravating, and then rewarding in the end. Want to see where it all began? If you are curious, there are strange random bits in the beginning including some other animators. Originally I had intended to include various comments of the original videos in the scenes that they are brought back in… if that makes any sense. That includes Heeminhyman’s «ICE

[youtube Tfm4AJasOjg]

Video Rating: 4 / 5