Personal TECH TOUR + Meet AJ the new guy!

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[youtube f8RomjYYGAw]

ipad 7

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  1. nymutt107:

    this was actually an awesome video that i could use like those power block things thank you man.

  2. Lamadoje:

    haha so not worth it. games cost more on vita just cause they can charge more look at infinity blade on a phone or tablet, $6. sonic and sega all-stars racing on vita, $30. soooo not worth it man.

  3. Calvin Johnson:

    No Ps Vita? I know the Tablets and Phones play games, but the Vita is a much have in my opinion

  4. Aske Flensted:

    Do the battery backup work in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany…?

  5. astgraphicnovel:

    You and AJ look like twins.

  6. walker3632:

    They look alike

  7. minecraftia57:

    he has

  8. fslinky07:

    Who exactly is AJ? Another channel guy? or a friend/employee of him?

  9. fslinky07:

    him, his channel, of course. Youtubers like him make lot of money.

  10. Elliott Walsh:

    AJ is the man!

  11. Nabal kisor yadav:

    Hello there, when I told my buddies that I was going to go earn cash online, they teased me. But afterward I showed them my earnings. Go and Google Rapid Cash Fortune to see how you can make money online.

  12. electroman245:

    Go Aj

  13. TheFiReel:

    Where do they get all this money from?

  14. nraek alano:

    is aj your brother? n_n

  15. Viar Murad:

    i admire the fact that these guys are into technology because everyone i know has trouble setting up a tablet

  16. ben williams:


  17. Aaron Godson:

    Just brought the iCarrier!

  18. PAINmedia:

    This guy seems allright

  19. Gamer4Ever22:


  20. Vincent Debeer:

    do a new office tour please 2013