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My videogame CD with Taylor is now digitally available right now on iTunes, google play, and amazon! Amazon: It is also available in Taylor’s store: If you prefer a physical copy, you can order it from CD Baby in January 2013! I did not use sheet music for this, it’s done by ear. Please don’t ask me for the sheet music 🙂 My arrangement of the Zelda Skyward Sword main theme (and I included Zelda’s Lullaby, as Skyward Sword IS Zelda’s Lullaby played backwards). Enjoy 🙂 Watch in 720p for best quality 🙂 Both parts played by me. My facebook: My twitter:


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18 комментариев

  1. LeonaLeZard

    I want your shirt really bad.

  2. Diemitz12

    you can play so good. oh gosh. i love it.

  3. minectraftgamer


    Ps. Big zelda fan

  4. Mel Mack


  5. Liam Hanson

    Holy shit you are really fucking talented

  6. thefrickenheadghog

    are you a viola player?

  7. OhSoKazzi

    I think I found Princess Zelda 😛

  8. Firedrake r

    That’s not the theme that’s the ballad of the goddess

  9. Alan Son

    I can imagin that you and the maker of this soundtrack and I would play this every where threw elemantery school middle school and high school at the end people will clap there hands with joy

  10. SelenaRockz001

    mesmerizing!!! I absolutely love this!

  11. Avataka

    I love your videos, I was transported to … I don’t know, a time of peace xD is very reassuring, you’re amazing 😀 :3

  12. Simon Wallner


  13. xantigo

    dat smile 3

  14. MaszSzpetnyRyj

    You should show that cute smile of your more often^^ Great talent, great vid, greetings from Poland:)

  15. TheNyanCompany

    love it! subscripe :D

  16. TheLydianRocks

    Check out my version of green hill zone! Chilled out guitar style 😀
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  17. Justin Smith

    oh i wish there was a button that put 1,000,000 likes!!!!!!!!!!

  18. charliel48

    Holy cow I want to marry this girl 🙂 Very well done. Very clean and very professonal. I played in an orchestra in High School and Middle school. I’m blown away at your sound. by Yahoo! Answers.