NO PUNCH BACK, B*TCH!!! (9.16.10 — Day 504)

Post your Pic message punch buggy shots here: What is Trejo Thursday? Please watch the music video I did for We The Kings here: FREE AWESOME Internet Killed TV Wallpapers for computer/iPhone/iPad/iPod/etc: Datev’s twitter: ***OTHER AWESOME STUFF*** We’re on twitter (duhhhh) hehe: Join Us On FACEBOOK: Our Personal channels: Our website: *************************** stuff to ignore charlestrippy alli zoey marley ctfxc internet killed tv television karma cute puppy hot florida girl travel canon google skynet weight loss exercise itunes prank every time die hardcore iphone hdr game center ios 4.1 zelda we the kings polar bear ferrari car racing real life world of warcraft film festival tampa skyway avenue live music video mcdonalds happy meal fail batman toy celebrity celeb zombie

[youtube KT2xpIERR0o]

ipod 10

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  18. ShellyNoob:

    «Look there is a waterfall down there» … Thats what she said…..

  19. MsPirategirl12:

    I have that Batman toy 0.o

  20. Jessica Rodela: