Need a Notary Public or Signing Agent in New York City, NY? Call Julian Hill (646) 543-6769.

Agent: Julian M. Hill, Notary Public of New York Bottomline: Julian M. Hill is a Notary Public commissioned by the State of New York, and certified to notarize documents in any county of New York. Website: Notary Calendar: NY Notary Public Profile: Julian M. Hill is a Mobile Notary Signing/ Closing Agent out of Manhattan, New York City, NY with years of professional document preparation and auditing experience. Mr. Hill is federally approved through US background screening and will travel to any professional notarial ceremony in New York, at a reasonable rate. From Affidavits, 1ST, 2ND Mortgages, REFI’S, HELOCS, Reverse; to CLIP Loans, Piggyback Loans and Purchases; as a trusted ministerial officer of the State of New York, Julian Hill is always ready to carry out your professional Notary Public and closing ceremonies; 24 hours, 7 days a week. Notary Signing Ceremonies Include: * All Real Estate Transactions * Political documents * Celebrity documents/ signature authenticating * General Notarial document signings. Ie. Affidavits, Apostilles, etc. Known to the banking and real estate industry as the «closer» Julian Hill is a PREFERRED Notary Public of New York and is a Professional «Flawless» Mobile Signing and Closing Agent for Hire. Mr. Hill has provided professional and errorless signing/closing services for: * Real Estate Transactions, * Real Estate Purchases, * Refinances, * HELOCs, * CEMAs, * Modifications, * Reverse Mortgages, * FHA

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