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[youtube c5I28LwMJCA]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 15

  1. chuy cornejo:

    L0L bottom

  2. TheJellybean1606:

    0:12 Gabuscus!

  3. TheJellybean1606:

    0:12 Gabuscus!

  4. Nico Cropp:

    Google Nexus kicks Toby’s ass and the iPad mini’s ass(charge hole?) at the same time. Nexus got +1 and posted the video to YouTube.

    Then the Google Android ate Toby’s carcass.

  5. Diesh47:

    Why have a iPad mini if it’s just about the same size as a iPhone 5… Like seriously?!?!?

  6. ArshRider:

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  7. 4x4forlyfe:

    I lost it at the stock middle finger part haha

  8. NoJercyMoe:

    my favorite line is «we got rid of it completely! what?»

  9. Ashley watkins:

    I’m watching this on a iPad mini lol

  10. thenewzealandfuzz:

    Turn captions on. Enjoy.

  11. Noah Simmons:

    There was a Samsung ad and I am on a Samsung tablet

  12. ME48264:

    I’m on my iPad mini right now

  13. Cloud2UP:

    You clearly haven’t watched his older videos.

  14. DarkLordofMinecraft:

    The iPad mini is awesome xD

  15. Kristina Medina:

    My IPad I am using right now is almost out of batteries then I realized I let everything for my apps run on the background.