Hat Films Presents: A Random Vlog

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[youtube e9ydzD6UezU]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. Katie Turner:

    It happens.

  2. BeKiwii:

    Stop it.

  3. Katie Turner:

    Smith looks at Ross’ lips for farrr too long.

  4. Mega21312:

    The mic that ross is holding looks like a taser.

  5. doasquareroll:

    Terrance is one of the most under rated members of hat films along with Rebecca and the lad weekly man

  6. DaVince21:

    It’s funny how alsmiffy seems to be the tallest, most manly looking guy out of the three… and he has the highest voice out of the three.

  7. GoldFever21:

    are they gay

  8. the1961marshall:

    u sure your not gay?

  9. TheCruelStriker:

    They only moved because their neighbours had them kicked out due to sanity loss as evident in the «Gone baggin’ » video.

  10. killmeandit:

    The Hat Flat

  11. connerd26:

    i love u guys in non homo way can u be mentor in youtube

  12. Cilver007:

    he has a gay?

  13. xXR3c0nXxgaming:

    best outro ever

  14. e66654321:

    Terrence farted

  15. pzld64:

    People always mentioned how Smith wears eye liner and I never noticed it until he was scratching his nose in the video and I couldn’t stop staring. Weird.

  16. TheBlackarro9:

    Ross is 6 foot+, or something… And Trott’s really little!

  17. James Armstrong:

    epic spawn lag between the bin lid opening and them smelling it…

  18. Aaron Barratt:

    Smith… make love to me!

  19. DuckThom:

    Trott always reminds me of howard from the big bang theory :p

  20. kitsunenoroi:

    Trott now has Ian Hecox’s bowl hair cut. Lol.

  21. elijah spurlock:

    it would be fun to live with them :3

  22. olivepop66:

    What the hell went on in that bin for it to smell doo bad????