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Dead Guy Blues Bad Luck Boogie Cold Wind In Cleveland Copyright 2009 Whiskey Island Records All Songs Copyright Lyrics/Music Jeff Powers Producer: Jeff Powers Engineer: Steve Zavesky, Jeff Powers Recorded At: Whiskey Island Records Mix: Jeff Powers Mastering: JBlues Vanity Records The Story Of Jeff Powers and Dead Guy Blues Living as an illegal alien and partying like a rock star in Mexico City for 7 years guitarist/singer/songwriter Jeff Powers cut his teeth in various blues bands. Though Jeff moved to Mexico City to perform and teach classical guitar he soon dropped out of the cozy and well paid classical world to live and play in the down and dirty clubs, jails and places at the end of dirt roads. Barely eking out a living Jeff would cross the entire city with guitar and amp in hand by bus and subway to get to a gig or rehearsal but during his years there he wrote over 200 songs and developed his own standout style of blues guitar based around his virtuoso classical technique. It took a lot of gigs, tequila, beer and mota (a staple of the Mexican bluesman) to make the change but Jeff left Cleveland as a classical artist and returned a full fledged bluesman. He traded in his tux for a bad ass hat. Soon after returning to the Cuyahoga Delta Jeff put together Dead Guy Blues to showcase his guitar, vocal and songwriting skills. Even though Jeff loves traditional blues of all kinds his mission is to take the blues somewhere elselaying down songs with twists and turns in the

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