Europe Saga #4 — Brugge

click here to tweet the video! Thanks 🙂 the final segment of the europe saga concludes with me and chris in Brugge (ha!). join us eating snails and generally making fools of ourselves. Huge thanks to channel flip for making the trip possible! follow me on twitters! — my music is available here! http check out my drawings on tumblrs — follow me on facebooks — http ask me more questions on vyou! — I do LIVE shows here! — KickThePJ T-shirts are available here! —

[youtube cjDzzS3M0Oo]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 19

  1. INeedAHorseToRide:

    OMFG «not up in here, not up in here.»
    That’s one of the best parts from the hangover <3
    my love for you increases with each video.. is that weird?
    yeah.. that's weird.

  2. Dianne Lockhart:

    Christopher James Kendall, would you marry me?

  3. Breann Moran:

    What did Chris say at the end?

  4. NastyByNerdy:

    I love Chris in glasses

  5. DoppelpunktDeDeDe:

    Come to Germany another time please!

  6. rawrelle98:

    1:08 just replay over and over again

  7. Lissa Randa:


  8. haischannah:

    Poor Pj, sick on the train ): I know the feelz. I got really bad food poisoning on an overnight train from Thailand to Laos.

  9. Ramona Flowers:

    chris ur so cute im gonna cry

  10. Erica Lingle:

    Omg his laugh at 2:46!!!

  11. littleokapi3:

    WHAT. You were in Belgium on TWO different occasions and I didn’t get to meet you?? DX

  12. ilovemyff:

    i love Chris endlessly

  13. indiefyme:

    Chris is a special boy.

  14. mugglebornprincess1:

    chris’s laugh is awesome! <3 and these europe videos amazing <3

  15. Tage Geccs:

    When chris says theres loads of hot boys there and nobody knows until now that he was serious…

  16. usernamemaybe:

    The Brugge Ultimatum :L oh Chris

  17. ClaraaBea:

    hahah the beer drinking with Chris 😀

  18. p0litepunk:

    chris is the best person

  19. Breezbriznost:

    You two are so cute, haha. I wish I could visit Europe someday, but I live in Argentina and my economy is shit.