How To Install Mountain Lion On A PC — Hackintosh Tutorial — Unibeast

Things You Will Need: An 8GB(Or Larger) Flash Drive Computer That Can Run OS X A Mac Or Computer Running OS X Retail Download Of Mountain Lion Unibeast And Multibeast From Tonymacx86 Tutorial on how to install mac os x mountain lion on a pc or hackintosh

[youtube xaNp8Pg964I]

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комментариев 13

  1. iphone4life4:

    where can i get ati 5570 drivers from and sound drivers

  2. SpentSeven:

    That wallpaper is awesome!Where did you get it?

  3. webtelles:

    Thank you for the video! Subscribed 🙂

  4. Ivaylo Yurukov:

    Hi, nice video!
    I actually have 2 questions. I am running Hackintosh 10.7.5, fully functional. I was planning to upgrade to Mountain Lion yet i have 2 questions:
    1. Do you think it will be better to replace my NVIDIA GTS 450 with a Radeon 6850(i have that option and the money)? Which one is more «compatible»? I had a lot of issues with the Nvidia till i got it working properly…
    2. Is there a tutorial to install Mountain Lion on 3 x 320 GB in RAID 0?

  5. WalkthroughAB:

    Thanks for you reply.

  6. HackintosherHD:

    no. unibeast supports flash drives only.

  7. tjmtom:

    Can I use DVD dual layer instead of a flash drive?

  8. joseph D. Carpenito:

    Yea the problem is that i dont have a computer running mac os. thanks

  9. EpicWinGamingCrew:

    I would not recommend using a virtual machine. It is extremely slow, and once I had reached tonymacx86, Mac OS X Mountain Lion was running so slowly that it took several minutes to just type my username. If you have to, use VirtualBox. Good tutorial here:
    skydrive (dot)

  10. joseph D. Carpenito:

    Oh thanks! Would recommend a certain virtual machine?

  11. HackintosherHD:

    the same way i showed here as long as you have usb support for os x in your virtual machine.

  12. joseph D. Carpenito:

    How would you make the flash drive using a virtual machine running in windows? Could explain it or you make a video? 🙂

  13. Radek M:

    My questions. If I have windows 8 laptop, can i still have osx and win 8 on 2 separate partitions? do i need to have USB pluged in all the time?