New 13 Inch Retina MacBook Pro Unboxing! (2012)

Subscribe for the Review! New 13 Inch Retina MacBook Pro Unboxing! (2012) 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro (No Tax) My unboxing of the new 13″ Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display. This unboxing covers everything that comes inside, a connectivity tour and a quick look at it’s Retina Display that features a 2560 x 1600 Resolution smashed into a 13.3″ Display. I’ll be covering gaming, speedtests and more as I prepare for the full review. Stay tuned! iPad Mini Giveaway! My Setup & Tech Gear! Tech questions? Hit me up any of the places below! Twitter: Facebook:

[youtube dsmYOzOrmQo]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. EverythingCyber101:

    Unboxings at my channel!!!

  2. EverythingCyber101:

    Unboxings: CyberEverything101

  3. Bruno Henrique:


  4. kevinsageek:

    I use CDs… I use CDs a lot 🙁

  5. Niko Franz:

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  6. TheMr0wnage:

    I have one and I’m not really statisfied with it. It doesn’t have DVD or CD player and no battery check thing. The on/off button is on keyboard and I don’t like it, sometimes it’s annoying, trust me.
    Wait for the new mac book pro

  7. Archie Flynn:

    Buy an optical drive and download the music onto your mac….

  8. iMajdy:

    you can buy a external optical drive, problem?

  9. NothinButGear:

    1600 bucks wow so pricy I NEED A JOB

  10. GamerCF97:

    I want to get the retina macbook but I’m only hesitating cause of the optical drive, I have many old cds that I like listening to, the movie side isn’t a problem just the cds…

  11. Igor Miranda:

    Avatar loko o seu.

  12. Gaganjot Thind:

    Whatever. I’ll just buy a external USB SuperDrive

  13. Bruno Henrique:


  14. Jas Nijjer:

    Im just waiting to see and they may will uprade the 15 and 13 agh the same time as thats what they originally did with the aluminium MacBooks, they brought the 13 inch out later the updated them together. Plus it may be cheaper as retina becomes more standard. I think they should make the old 13″ the macbook and make the retina cheaper as the normal macbook pro’s. I also don’t need a new mac right a way as I’ve still got a late 2009 iMac so its not to much of a deal thats why i am waiting.

  15. 123thepyro123:

    Not worth it — it’ll only be a refresh of the hardware, with like 7% performance increase at max. Besides, it probably won’t be refreshed until October — remember, the 15″ retina model was released in July, not the 13″.

  16. Gaganjot Thind:


  17. Jas Nijjer:

    Im waiting till july i just hope the wait is worth the upgrade.

  18. Turk Mantis:

    Stop living in the past. 

  19. warre dhondt:

    i hate it that you cant use a cd

  20. comecobre:

    I’m just here cause i’m getting this on January 4th and I can’t wait to get it.

  21. theshcitt:


  22. theshcitt:

    What the… how many macs do u have?!