SHINE — original song ft. Magic Piano & Google Doodles

Download Magic Piano for Android devices here, FREE: Download Magic Piano for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone here, FREE: For more videos featuring Magic Piano and our other apps, subscribe to Smule’s YouTube channel: RT: FB: About Magic Piano: **Play «Shine» by Jimmy Wong in Magic Piano for FREE!** From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs effortlessly on the #1 piano game, now available on Google Play for Android devices! Get free songs every day and enjoy the largest catalog of songs in any piano app. Turn on game mode to unlock achievements and free songs, or just relax and play your favorite tunes. Join the over 10 million Magic Piano players and experience the fun of playing piano — no lessons needed! HUNDREDS OF SONGS — NEW SONGS ADDED EVERY WEEK! Songs by Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and more!!! SMULE on FB: SMULE on G+: SMULE on Twitter: SMULE on the Web: ========= Download the full song here LYRICS: slipping out at night momma’s calling you back but you ain’t goin back the sights beneath your eyes sparkle in the night, shuts out the sunrise and down the hills we’d roll discovering, life within, every moment that we hold our breaths and dream slipping out at night we’re gonna cause some trouble, cause some trouble, you better hold tight i can’t understand, what’s Your plan Fallen down, I’m sick, on my

[youtube o1DXmaZ8EPI]

ipod 10

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  1. RackAttackification:

    All your music is nothing but pure greatness! : D

  2. Santiago Garay:

    This is amazing!! You are so talented Jimmy!!!

  3. Gilbert Beilschmidt:


  4. AmandaMCirne:

    O love that music! You are awesome!!! 🙂

  5. laha yoho:

    amei sua voz *-*

  6. CutepieIqra:

    that was great and you are the cutest asian person i have ever seenn

  7. Tyler Lofgren:

    Is Google paying you for this? They totally should 🙂

  8. antor666:


  9. Spikeballmanexe:

    I remember playing this on my dads ipad but i always had bad timing but still had fun playing the song :3

  10. thesaggemsrb:

    No…Your Awesooome!! 😀

  11. jajehenz:

    I dont understand how you’re not as famous as luke conard….

  12. weechristine:

    This is my favourite song to play on Magic Piano. So glad I found this!

  13. TheJahlani:

    In the show VGHS he plays Freddies son lol even though he’s his brother irl 🙂

  14. perfecttwoFAVESONG: