OVEREXPOSED 2012 [No. 7]

The countdown continues tomorrow at 9pm EST/6pm PST Twitter — www.twitter.com Tumblr — kingsleyyy.tumblr.com Facebook — http Intro music composed/produced by Lucas Daniel www.twitter.com OVEREXPOSED 2012 30. GABBY DOUGLAS’ HAIR 29. DAVID GUETTA F/ SIA — TITANIUM 28. THE X FACTOR USA 27. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 26. 2 CHAINZ 25. DANCE MUSIC 24. THE HUNGER GAMES 23. ELLIE GOULDING — LIGHTS 22. FLO RIDA F/ SIA — WILD ONES 21. SHIT ______ SAY VIDEOS 20. THE OLYMPICS 19. KATY PERRY 18. THE AVENGERS 17. DUBSTEP 16. LINDSAY LOHAN 15. MAROON 5 14. CHICK FIL A 13. FUN. F/ JANELLE MONAE — WE ARE YOUNG 12. MILEY CYRUS’ HAIRCUT 11. INSTAGRAM 10. TAYLOR SWIFT — WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER 9. IPHONE 5 8. NICKI MINAJ — STARSHIPS 7. RIHANNA AND CHRIS BROWN 6.

[youtube owg-brbRpjQ]

iphone 6

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комментария 23

  1. brittnee looh:

    420 even though its December !

  2. WillYouLaugh:

    I have a channel where I do similar stuff on comedy and rants (and even music). I really feel my videos are great and I just need my foot in the door to get the ball rolling. Please check out my channel and I believe you wont be disappointed! Subscribe if you like it, it’d help me out a lot.

  3. ola olszewski:

    2:56 killed me

  4. Uthinkyourcool68:

    featuring Rihanna, Chris Brown, the Rice Cake, and Drake. *you killed me! xD*

  5. akuol1234:


  6. Laur Baby:

    Lmao, His Rihanna Accent Was on Point

  7. BabybeeAlmarieT:

    im sure you said you didnt have instagram? looool

  8. DTLOLG:

    Rice cake and drake… bitch.

  9. JaycelinKaty:

    I love how you say your Ks XD

  10. Lexington Fare:

    i cant find the remix anywhere on the internet for download

  11. zweldon66:

    Rihanna like getting beat up so let her

  12. TiaLyn808:

    Omg half of 2012 omg n rice cake can’t stop laughing

  13. 1992geop:

    If Rihanna likes getting beat then let her

  14. christinastyles88:

    the rice cake!!!

  15. Kappa Sensei:

    but he does ._.

  16. Savannah Burns:


  17. Savannah Burns:

    √ k?


    Harry styles on your wall I love you

  19. fishcustard98:

    i did not stop laughing :’)

  20. jacob robison:

    this guy loves the cock! lol just playin

  21. UseTheForce3434:

    Clubs were DESTROYED

  22. TianaHaze14:

    Lmao. Rihanna Chris Brown the Ricecake and Drake.. Lmfao.

  23. Zakiya Barnes:

    I feel that it’s an accomplishment that I only knew about half of this info until now.