HTC J Butterfly Coming To Verizon, Nexus 10 Rumors, iPad Refresh Detains & More — Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent images of the current-generation iPad getting a refresh along with the launch of the iPad Mini. Then we talk about the Best Buy pre-orders for the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920, which was sadly pulled from the list at last minute. Then we go through all the leaks and details of the Google Nexus 10 and the multi-manufacturer Nexus program planned for this year. We later cover the bad news about how Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be deployed onto Motorola devices. We end today going through the leaks of the HTC J Butterfly coming to Verizon as the HTC DLX or DIX. All this and more after the break.

[youtube IByMC4iCpHI]

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комментарий 21

  1. c1234ccc1234cc:

    I love Taiwan!

  2. kperera76:

    just say «trebek» during one video please. you sound like sean connery hahaha

  3. ashrafgonzales:

    Nobody cares Dickhead!

  4. Sujan Sapkota:

    Heya, Anyone heard of the Phantom Cash System? (do a Google Search) Ive found out many impressive stuff about it and my cousin made a great deal of money with it!

  5. TheKingToolz:

    HTC J BUTTERFLY is a design made in Japan…..J Like Japan, i love this phone…its fucking awesome

  6. James Sanchez:

    I hope the Droid DNA is better than the last Super Hyped HTC Phone «Thunderbolt» bcuz the thunderbolt was really, really a terrible phone ultimately. The battery was so bad it ruined the whole Thunderbolt experience. Here’s hoping the DNA is everything the Thunderbolt wanted to be.

  7. LostProphet03:

    Getting the DNA… only wish they had kept the form factor and design from the one x, just made it bigger. Still think that’s the best looking phone out today.

  8. johnmcll9:

    Finally I don’t get fucked out of a sick phone because I have Verizon.

  9. lgOptimusv:

    Its going to be cald the dna and i im going to buy it and ima still keep my sgs3

  10. midicronica1:

    I’m so sad…. why Verizon out of all carriers?!? HTC J Jizzerfly… nooooooo..

  11. Robert Elkins:

    2:04 all butthurt roflllllllllll

  12. Robert Elkins:

    DLX not Dix


    I feel so jelly now, i got the lg optimus 4x hd and now this comes out. Would be a shame to waste this beast of a phone for the butterfly tho 🙁

  14. ghostshadow31:


  15. opnarutofan117:

    If the HTC J Butterfly comes out this holiday season i would definitely buy it, if it doesn’t come out in the U.S. this year then i’ll stick with the Note 2.

  16. bscharel:

    Yes!!! Please come to Att!!! But I keep hearing about the Samsung galaxy s4 coming in 2013?

  17. Anthony Esposito:

    You can bet that if this new htc phone comes out within the next two months its going to be mine. I love HTC devices and sense 4 is great on my rezound but I bet it will be amazing on this

  18. William Kendrick:

    YESSS! I have an upgrade coming …. and if the rumors of the butterfly becoming the nexus 5 look like they might come true. I’ll wait for that … ahhh, no more dealing with VZW apps or version release dates! oh yeah, btw, hearing you pronounce your name naturally instead of an americanized version is like music.

  19. Adham Ashraf:

    Buy* sorry

  20. Adham Ashraf:

    I am looking to buying the HTC dlf or LG optimus black

  21. John Flatly:

    I’ll still go with the Note 2…I just hate HTC in general, no matter how great of a phone they make. Sorry.