Linus Tech Tips Live Show Archive — December 28, 2012

0:1:00 Linus Tech Tips forum update 0:5:40 8 pin EPS vs 8 pin PCIe connector 0:12:45 Boutique gaming machines vs DIY gaming machines 0:25:10 Sandia cooler technology discussion 0:30:15 Cooler Master Quickfire TK keyboard is awesome 0:38:30 NZXT Kraken review upcoming 0:43:20 Why could you possibly need 96GB of RAM?? 1:07:00 Windows 8 giveaway sponsored by!! 1:25:40 Surface RT vs iPad 1:27:30 Parrot AR.Drone being hung on the «Wall of Legends» for reaching 1M views!

[youtube smUvgxt3St4]

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  1. ChronicDopeGFX:

    Can I suck your dick? I’ve always had a crush on you, I jerk off to your videos, my favourites are the livestreams when you open your mouth and eat food, whip out that SATA cable and stick it in ma port big boy, I’ll do the same to yeww<3

  2. tyler catmanlmo:

    Im using the gtx 650 ti and the best or not

  3. AHotLlama:

    fuuuuuuuu i got the question in 1 second I wish I watched it live 🙁

  4. djcj9744:

    App the 7870XT can be compared to the 7950. Is that true?

  5. Michael Pengal:

    as far as custom cases go the college im at has a laser engraver that the engineering students can use whenever we want. I threw the entire side panel of my HAF 922 in it


    need to get a job or stop watching this awesome channel, ive watched it for 3 days and i want most of the stuff youve reviwed, but have no money 🙁 damn!

  7. azza44100:

    hahaha «we shouldnt laugh at them we should help them» that is the funniest thing i have heard. (nerd wise :P)

  8. Nathan Rawlings:

    stream the build and archive non speed up, i would love that

  9. Nathan Rawlings:

    im using newegg to save the details of my builds, and will use ncix to make the purchases. i found that neweg saves the info better, and provides a better average price, if not a higher price, so that i can more money than needed.

  10. kphan000:

    Whats your time zone??

  11. Avielse7en:

    In regards to your points made around the 15 minute mark.

    Linus, do not undervalue your experience with building computers. I’m a casual gamer and have built probably around 12-15 computers over 10 years. On one occasion I’ve built a system and the PC didn’t start. I later found out it was a memory issue. Had to remove one of the ram sticks.

    A first time builder may panic at such an issue and may ‘overspend’ to try and fix the issue. Peace of mind and experience have high value!

  12. TheMinininjia:

    What camera and audio device does he use?

  13. mrgiggels2010:

    Thank you

  14. Levi Kaa:

    it starts at 9 usually pacific time you have to go to to watch it. he will send out a tweet when he is about to start and post a video on youtube with a link.

  15. mrgiggels2010:

    I’m a live newb im subed to Linu’s channel, I’ve also watched this on the archive but not live b4. I want to tune in to the live, what time (including time zone) does it start, and do I just watch it here on youtube? I dnt know how to watch it

  16. MrHav1k:

    Nobody wants free Windows 8.

  17. MrHav1k:

    The Blackwidow does use Blues, but they’re modified. They all have lower actuation force and they’re modified in some way.

  18. MrHav1k:

    He started this personal rig update over a year ago and it will be 2013 when its finally done. lol

  19. MrHav1k:

    Windows 8 is pure fucking garbage. You don’t want that shit. Believe me.

  20. WalkthroughHeroes:

    linustech at

  21. Chuck Norris:

    Where do you get the link to watch it?

  22. Chuck Norris:

    You can just hack it and thats it …

  23. Chuck Norris:

    I got it for free 😀

  24. 01sandberg:

    can’t wait for tonight!! Norway  😀