Game Of Thrones Season 2: Burning Of The 7 Gods

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[youtube 7m4ArTZ3wiI]

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  1. androkguz:

    I don’t get why they went with Lightbringer as a burning sword instead of a shinning yet cold as normal steel sword the way it is in the books. It would have been less complicated and they would have been able to show Stannis using it more often. Plus, there is a point in the books where it matters.

  2. Sawney Bean:


    Go watch Lawnmower Man or The Running Man… or almost any big screen adaptation of a Stephen King novel not directed by Frank Darabont or Stanley Kubrick. The basic plot points are the same, be grateful the most you have to bitch about is compression and eye color.

  3. MrCodyLance:

    That Witch Whore!!! she killed handsome Renly, the true King!

  4. UnserZeitMrGlinko:

    no red eyes = worst book adaptation ever. HBO, please die.

  5. timfidotru:

    It is confirmed by Melissandre’s visions as well, but I guess, there will be a trio of dragon-mounted heroes, composed from those who have targaryen blood: Daenerys, Aegon, Stannis or Jon. Also, the rest of R’hllor’s clergy believes that Daenerys is the chosen, and it is much more obvious than Jon, in fact.

  6. Plusto84:


  7. seccfiend:

    lol you know what i mean dude

  8. Plusto84:

    It’s common sense. Did your mum and dad not talk to you about the birds and the bee’s? If you get a red priestess pregnant there’s a chance she’ll get pregnant with a shadow assassin. xD

  9. seccfiend:

    im almost finished with the 5th book and they still havent explained shit about what came out of her vagina other then stannis helping to make it

  10. seccfiend:

    We were excited about the scene from the beginning because it was not going to require any special effects hence save us more money and time to direct porn scenes.

  11. Sam Askew:

    I’m on book 5, and I found Game of Thrones season 2 to be fantastic, but here in this scene (which is mostly really well done), you barely see the statues that are burning. They should have had seven shots, one for each part of the Seven. It feels like the DPs for Game of Thrones sometimes leave too much of the set out and focus entirely on the characters a fair bit of the time

  12. EdizioneCritica:

    executive producer is hot.

  13. Klejne1:

    The Vomb is dark, and terrors.

  14. MrLautje99:

    Should they have some swords left? 🙂

  15. MrRacinger322:

    Because it was just burned shite…

  16. spudmuffin99:

    … I never got why Stannis left lightbringer

  17. Daniel Gomez:

    What? I’m just saying Melisandre is a total MILF.

  18. Gameofthronespoilers:


  19. Gameofthronespoilers:

    Fuck you -.- fucking trolls respect GRRM -.-

  20. Daniel Gomez: