HOTTEST PRINCESS (12.10.10 — Day 589)21 комментарий


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21 комментарий

  1. mirageangelhope

    i remember dinosaurs

  2. ScoJenThe1st

    Belle. Her name literally says beautiful, she is smart and she has low standards. I’m in with a shot!

  3. Musicthenew Buzz

    yes I agree with Charles, Ariel!!

  4. Holytolito0197


  5. Holytolito0197

    That was the greatest show known to earth

  6. ciffers

    DINOSAURSSSSSS OMG best show ever

  7. Evan Gregory


  8. roger saunders

    jack ass

  9. ashiekins624

    Jasmine, with Ariel a close second

  10. zacharytaylor922

    fat hand

  11. daddysgirltomboy910

    Ariel or Pocahontas

  12. italianadonna12

    I fucking remember that show Dinosaurs!!! Holy SHHHHHHITTTTTT!

  13. Hailey Colbert

    LOL no. FAR FAR from a douchebag.

  14. cherrithunder2424

    sleeping beauty

  15. Eric Stevens

    Says the kid with «Chokeoutartist» in his name.
    Yet, you have to be a tough guy online rather than in the ring/octagon.

  16. lisa patrick

    when i said arial and my dad was near he would say shes hot dude and i would laugh my friken head off

  17. mystica375

    Either ariel or pokahontus

  18. candersonxo

    when charles tripped at 6:04 i coudnt stop laugh i kept rewinding and watching oh charles! LLOL

  19. Amy Jones

    Charles is a dodo

  20. PinkPiggy900

    im going to have to say Bell and Jasmine

  21. theshinsbrady

    7/10 on the sushi by Yahoo! Answers.