HOTTEST PRINCESS (12.10.10 — Day 589)

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[youtube bHw9y6JMKPQ]

ipod 10

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комментарий 21

  1. mirageangelhope:

    i remember dinosaurs

  2. ScoJenThe1st:

    Belle. Her name literally says beautiful, she is smart and she has low standards. I’m in with a shot!

  3. Musicthenew Buzz:

    yes I agree with Charles, Ariel!!

  4. Holytolito0197:


  5. Holytolito0197:

    That was the greatest show known to earth

  6. ciffers:

    DINOSAURSSSSSS OMG best show ever

  7. Evan Gregory:


  8. roger saunders:

    jack ass

  9. ashiekins624:

    Jasmine, with Ariel a close second

  10. zacharytaylor922:

    fat hand

  11. daddysgirltomboy910:

    Ariel or Pocahontas

  12. italianadonna12:

    I fucking remember that show Dinosaurs!!! Holy SHHHHHHITTTTTT!

  13. Hailey Colbert:

    LOL no. FAR FAR from a douchebag.

  14. cherrithunder2424:

    sleeping beauty

  15. Eric Stevens:

    Says the kid with «Chokeoutartist» in his name.
    Yet, you have to be a tough guy online rather than in the ring/octagon.

  16. lisa patrick:

    when i said arial and my dad was near he would say shes hot dude and i would laugh my friken head off

  17. mystica375:

    Either ariel or pokahontus

  18. candersonxo:

    when charles tripped at 6:04 i coudnt stop laugh i kept rewinding and watching oh charles! LLOL

  19. Amy Jones:

    Charles is a dodo

  20. PinkPiggy900:

    im going to have to say Bell and Jasmine

  21. theshinsbrady:

    7/10 on the sushi